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HEY all those bored enough to waste your time on this really...thanks...and I apologize for having fallen off the planet for sooo long, and well..haven't really completed the stories i've published -_- I SWEAR I'll get down to that eventually.. i've just gotten really busy with college and sketching takes up any spare time I have to breathe so...yeah...I've taken down a few stories too, sorry about that. It's just.. rereading them now actually depresses me, considering the last time I updated was when I was like...13 or something so..yeah.

Anyway, I mostly use this account to read fiction written by other authors on this site and I've favourited quite a few of the really good ones so... If you're a Gleek, or an Inuyasha fan, you'll find links to some pretty awesome stories from my account.

Until later then :)

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