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116Wolf's Mate » by SageLeeKnight A simple female wolf night guard tries to survive five nights at her new job while faced with the dangers of the animatronics, an ex-girlfriend looking to re-unite, and a possible new love with a mysterious girl. How well Rose deal with this along with her school and sports life?
Five Nights at Freddy´s, T, English, Romance & Horror, chapters: 51, words: 91k+, favs: 86, follows: 84, updated: 1/7 published: 6/7/2016, [Chica, OC] Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie
241One Block at a Time » by ButterHunter When people talk about the meaning of love, they often refer to it as a feeling one can only experience, not explain. Or as an impulse triggered by the mind. But me? Love is something that can never be explained, or contained. Love is something we learn, something we crave, and something we need. It is a journey you take. A journey that can only be taken... One Block at a Time.
Minecraft, M, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 53, words: 303k+, favs: 327, follows: 334, updated: 1/7 published: 8/30/2015, OC, Enderman, Slime, Wolf
194The Legend of Korra: The Schism » by Sakura Martinez A promising engineering student. A mysterious woman capable of controlling the four elements. When their paths crossed, the resulting collision not only changes their lives and themselves, but the fate of the entire world as well. [Korrasami AU] (Crossposted on AO3, under the alias "SMTskushiro)
Legend of Korra, T, English, Adventure, chapters: 78, words: 486k+, favs: 245, follows: 285, updated: 12/24/2020 published: 4/27/2015, [Korra, Asami S.] [Opal, Bolin]
811 Grimm Reality » by RosewoodAuthor Ruby, a young wolf wants to be a Huntress like her mother before her. Weiss, the Heiress to the SDC wants to right the wrongs caused by her family. Blake, a traitor to a cause she once believed in wants to find a better answer to help the world. Yang, a brawler seeks adventure and answers to her own questions. But not everything goes as planed. Sometimes the past gets in the way.
RWBY, M, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 53, words: 283k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 12/13/2020 published: 2/14/2016, [Ruby R., Weiss S.] [Blake B., Yang X.L.]
90Soul of the Dragon 2: Enter the Void » by Elizabeth Kururugi The Dark Signers have been defeated, but the Crimson Dragon isn't done yet. There are plenty more bad guys to battle, which means that Lise and the Signers are far from done. Read how the whole gang of characters from the series deal with a new threat: The Emperors of Yliaster! (Sequel to the Soul of the Dragon)
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 90, words: 403k+, favs: 68, follows: 52, updated: 11/9/2020 published: 6/22/2015, Yūsei F., Jack A., Aki I., Crow H.
46Broken Bonds » by Anansi the Devious Wolf Duty and Purpose. One is a title thrust upon another being by the environment around them. The other, a product of chance that will lead to enlightenment.
Dead or Alive, M, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 13, words: 131k+, favs: 39, follows: 39, updated: 11/4/2020 published: 11/8/2012, Ayane, Kasumi, OC
179A Cog in the Machine » by Masterdramon Harmonic Convergence is but a year away. Korra has spent her life training with the Red Lotus, preparing for the day she will restore balance to the world. But a dawning revolution, forged in the name of equality, could spoil their plans. To learn more, Korra takes on a new name and infiltrates Future Industries...but what else awaits her in this brave new city? Eventual Korrasami.
Legend of Korra, T, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 33, words: 387k+, favs: 270, follows: 312, updated: 9/19/2020 published: 5/7/2016, [Korra, Asami S.] Ghazan, Zaheer
133Walking the lines » by gaberz92 How messed up can it be when your soul mate doesn't want you the same way you want her. Okay i suck at summaries so I'll leave it like this for now. Warning i am making this a Futa story so if you don't like don't read.
Twilight, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 21, words: 71k+, favs: 387, follows: 553, updated: 5/27/2020 published: 4/1/2016, [Bella, Rosalie] [Alice, Leah]
130Building Something New » by Icy Kyurem After falling for a computer scam, Steve gets sucked into the game of Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location! Now that he is in the game, he needs to find a way to survive. Is it right to be friends with killing robots? Or is it better to cut yourself from anyone?
Five Nights at Freddy´s, T, English, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 26, words: 67k+, favs: 217, follows: 248, updated: 5/20/2020 published: 10/29/2016, OC, Circus Baby
12 Legacy » by salamanders-please "I'll let you know when you are free to shred Alisha to your heart's content. Reaching Sorey is no longer an option it seems, so I've had to make some adjustments." Symonne let out a rigid breath. "What matters is that I got what I came to the Elaine Ruins for. You don't need to worry about the rest, unless I tell you to." ToZ sequel/fix it fic. Rosali. Full summary inside.
Tales of Zestiria, M, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 21, words: 113k+, favs: 19, follows: 23, updated: 2/5/2020 published: 3/27/2016, [Alisha D., Rose] [Sorey, Mikleo]
120Put Your Trust In Me » by AstoniaCrest AU. Lightning had trouble trusting anyone new due to a past which broke her heart. War between Cocoon and Gran Pulse long ago had made Lightning and Fang harbor hate in each others' nation and its fellow natives. When Lightning was transferred to a university in Paddra, she ended up living with a Pulsian. And Fang wasn't at all welcoming at the Cocoonian's presence.
Final Fantasy XIII, T, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 14, words: 139k+, favs: 126, follows: 197, updated: 1/26/2020 published: 8/11/2013, [Fang, Lightning] Vanille, Serah F.
47Robotic Human Love » by SageLeeKnight Chica is tired of killing the night guards and wants to befriend them but she is still forced to kill them. Avery is the new night guard/mechanic at Freddy Fazbear's and starts her first nig-Wait? Why isn't she scared of them? Shouldn't she be hiding in her office and not walking around the pizzeria like a Sunday stroll? What is she hiding? Does she know something they don't?
Five Nights at Freddy´s, T, English, Romance & Horror, chapters: 40, words: 65k+, favs: 87, follows: 86, updated: 10/4/2019 published: 6/25/2016, [Chica, OC]
62 The Vermillion Harvest II: Truth and Absence » by SomeCrazyDude1113 With the abduction of Lawrence and an ever so persisting threat lurking about, Holo must embark on a new journey. One of danger, brutality and bloodshed with a traveling companion who will stop at nothing to bring the conspirators to justice. On a mission of recovery and vengeance, the Ranger and the Wolf must work together to hunt down these men while being hunted themselves.
Spice and Wolf, M, English, Suspense & Adventure, chapters: 43, words: 286k+, favs: 32, follows: 32, updated: 9/15/2019 published: 7/12/2015, Holo, Kraft Lawrence, OC
887 Rush » by mikotyzini Weiss always knew what life had in store for her - she would grow up, marry the man her parents had chosen, and live out the rest of her days in a cold, lonely mansion. A path set in stone, she didn't dare dream of anything else - she didn't dare desire anything else. Until she met Ruby.
RWBY, T, English, Romance & Angst, chapters: 30, words: 156k+, favs: 2k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 7/14/2019 published: 4/2/2015, [Weiss S., Ruby R.] [Yang X.L., Blake B.]
205The Breaching Rays of Dimming Days » by NightKrawler88 The REAL sequel to A Beacon of Hope in a Castle of Ice. Team RWBY's vacation is over, now they resume their ongoing adventures that start with the Vytal Festival. What awaits the team of couples? How much progress has been made thanks to their days of training? Only time will tell.
RWBY, M, English, Romance & Angst, chapters: 48, words: 170k+, favs: 165, follows: 208, updated: 4/13/2019 published: 7/6/2016, Cinder F., Neo, Team RWBY, Team JNPR
583Let's play Minecraft in a world of Swords and Spells » by Minaly22 Dying from a heart attack when playing Minecraft was definitely not the way I thought I would die. Being reincarnated afterward was also not what I thought would happen. But I guess having another chance at life is a great thing! Now, how am I going to live in this world of Swords and Spells? (Minecraft Isekai!Gamer OC reincarnate into Fantasy World, generally slow fic.)
Minecraft, T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 57, words: 96k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 3/8/2019 published: 8/5/2016, OC, Enderman, Wolf
640 Weiss Reacts: Volume 3! » by ElfCollaborator Our loveable heiress reacts to much more fanfiction, tropes, games and the like! Second Sequel to Weiss Reacts. Parody, crack, AU, OOC stuff, OCs, crossovers, and whatnot. Rated T for antics and insanity. RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth. Chapter: Kamen Rider Gaim, Part 2! "And you wonder why I hate him, Yang." NO RVB REQUESTS. Part of the Reactsverse. Complete.
RWBY, T, English, Parody & Humor, chapters: 50, words: 193k+, favs: 336, follows: 332, updated: 2/15/2019 published: 10/7/2015, [Weiss S., Ruby R.] Blake B., Yang X.L.
42Desserts » by Phoenix Commander A baker, a gym owner, a caterer, and a martial arts instructor. What can go wrong with this dessert smorgasbord? Come find out and enjoy the sweets. Welcome to the everyday lives of Red Velvet and Baked Alaska. Minor plot but all fluff.
RWBY, T, English, Family & Friendship, chapters: 7, words: 25k+, favs: 102, follows: 165, updated: 2/5/2019 published: 8/10/2016, [Ruby R., Velvet S.] [Yang X.L., Neo]
328The Next Chapter » by bakane Ch. 55: Assigned with their first solo mission at Beacon Academy, team RWBY runs eagerly towards an old swamp village, expecting nothing less than Grimm-infested waters, the thrills of unexplored territories, and of course, mortal peril. [A collection of short stories, one-shots, and AUs.]
RWBY, T, English, Friendship & Romance, chapters: 49, words: 327k+, favs: 331, follows: 416, updated: 2/3/2019 published: 12/10/2015, [Blake B., Yang X.L.] [Ruby R., Weiss S.]
27The Muted Rose » by RamRam12 Crippled. Disabled. Handicapped. Being born without something most others have would be considered a tragedy by most. They haven't lost anything though, so why pity them? The one's we should pity should be the people who have the ability to do something, but can't because they're held back by themselves. At least that's how Summer Rose viewed it.
RWBY, T, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 5, words: 8k+, favs: 133, follows: 195, updated: 1/25/2019 published: 1/17/2019, [Ruby R., Neo] Blake B., Yang X.L.
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