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Checkout my Challenge story for brilliant ideas for stories I can't complete.

I have a pat-re-on account. If anyone would like to donate, they could go there and donate. The donation would never be a factor in updating any of my stories. The ID is Hit1903.

I also have an ID on Webnovel and Questionable Questing so you might find some of my stories there. Still, this is my preferred and most used site.

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Little about myself for those who give a shit - (Not everyone does)

Tall, dark, handsome, lazy, closet pervert, sadist, and a loner. Loves dark humor.

I like many things, I also dislike many things.

Ideas and Stories of the future:

Naruto: Self Insert (It will be around the time of 2nd Shinobi war)(Written 2 chapters but the editings is left)

Pirates Of Caribbean Seas: Self Insert (Written the premise of the story)

Underworld: Self Insert (2 Chapters written. Editing is left)

Highschool DxD: Self Insert (Written the premise. MC born a few centuries before the Canon)

Monster Musume: Self Insert (Written the premise. Reincarnated 5 years before the canon in a teen)

One-Punch Man: Self Insert (Written the premise. MC born reincarnated around 12 years before the canon in an immortal man)

Marvel: Self Insert (Born even before Captain America. Written the premise)

I don't know where I heard this but somehow it got stuck

"Every fan fiction is a self-indulgent story. The good ones only make you feel that they aren't"

I like good criticism like suppose I wrote some wrong facts, you can point it out. I did a mistake You can freely point it out or if you have a good idea you can even PM me. I will try to reply as fast as possible.

I don't like hate-filled messages or comments. if you don't like it - don't read it. Nobody is forcing you. There is already enough hate in this world. All it would do is make me laugh and make me wanna write more.

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