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“When one door closes another opens or you can open the closed door that’s how doors work.” -Bill Murry

I absolutely love fanfiction! Lover of anime, food and baking, books, k-pop, k-dramas/c-dramas, music, and drawing, all sorts of stuff lol, except for maybe sports and video games. I have to say, nowadays, I usually spend more time reading fanfiction and alike than actually reading books. You could probably tell from my favs and follows - yeahhhh, my precious I-should-be-studying-and-not-procrastinating-while-reading lol. Even my friends know me for reading fanfiction these days xD. Anyhow, I really do think there are so many amazing fanfics and authors out there!

Well, hopefully, one day I do build up the courage to post some of my own stories, especially concerning all those ships I absolutely adore. And please feel free to PM me anytime, as I do love meeting new people. A quick hi will do :) We can talk about our fav ships/fandoms, hobbies, life and stress, or anything else haha! I'm in my teens, if that helps.

Nice meeting you! (also, school is starting (edit: has started, rip) - very very stressful. procrastination I come!)

Etheiria (changed my name from Jessie00003?)~

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