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Joined Nov '16

Name: you can called me Mark

Age: guess it yourself.

Nationality: Thai (Surprise?)

Like: something quiet kamen rider (Kuuga,Blade)

Dislike: something loud and bad mouth and someone arrogent and annoying people.

Hate: Betrayal story (Some of them I can stand, but I can't stand the extreme one ) Empty promised.

Gender: male

My favourite pairing:

NaruHina (Naruto)

(Corpse party)

Satoshi x Naomi

Yoshiki x Ayumi

(Tokyo Ghoul)

Kaneki x Touka


Lancaster (Jaune x Ruby)

Enabler (Yang x Ruby)

Dragon Slayer (Jaune x Yang)

White Rose (Ruby x Weiss)

White Knight (Jaune x Weiss)

Freezer Burn (Yang x Weiss)

(Akame ga Kill)

Tatsumi x Akame

Tatsumi x Leone

Tatsumi x Mine

Wave x Kurome

There's nothing about me. I'm just an average guy, who like to read Fanfiction and Kamen Rider, and anything interesting.

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