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Hey to the people who are taking their time to read this, who are awesome. For those who actually care I like:


Gundam Wing/Seed/00/.hack/Naruto/Bleach/D.Gray Man/Full Metal Alchemist/Evangelion/Mahou Sensei Negima/Fairy Tail/Kenshin/Prince of Tennis/One Piece/Outlaw Star/Samuri 7/Samurai Champloo/Shaman King/Soul Eater/Avatar:TLA/Get Backers


Armored Core/Ace Combat/Tekken/Soul Calibur/Warcraft/Starcraft/Fable 2/Halo/Call of Duty/Golden Sun/Monster Hunter/Burn Out/Super Smash Bro./Mario Party/Final Fantasy/Ragnarok Online/Chrono Cross/Kingdom Hearts

I plan to write at least one story and be done with it. It might be a real pain in the ass but I still want to try.

(7 years later...)

7 years since I was last on this account and at least 13 years since I first found And I still haven't gotten a story up, haha. I did try to write a story some years ago but it kinda fell flat since the story line felt kinda predictable and cliche. Great respects to the many authors for posting their work because I know I don't have the courage to post up my shoddy work.

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