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Lilly B PM
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I'm a 30 year old research scientist from Massachusetts, which makes me pretty much a nerd. I love to read SciFi and fantacy, so I can escape from the real world for a while. I've never written a fanfic (although I do have aspirations to someday, when I find the time and get a good enough original idea in my head), but I do love to read them! It's actually my biggest hobby and it's gotten me through some very boring days when I'm in between studies at work. My favorite TV show right now is Person of Interest, so that's mostly what I currently read. I can't figure out who I love more, John Reese or Harold Finch! I love angst--I'm actually pretty much addicted--so I'm usually drawn to those types of stories. So, that's pretty much me. See y'all on the comments pages!

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