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I am a Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna (or others), Ginny/Neville, or Draco (when he is good) fan. I love happy stories, there are so many doom and gloom ones that I am getting tired of them. I want to be entertained, not depressed. I will read the newspaper if I want that. Like to read some Harry's harem stories when I can find them.

I am an older Harry Potter fan, 56 and I am a computer professional and a certified computer hacker, actually get paid for it. I also teach people personal protection, mostly with a handgun. I can certify people to carry concealed weapons. I have been in combat, have the scars to prove it, didn't get the T-shirt though. My outlook on things is a bit different than most, those that have been there know what I mean.

I may try to write a story in the future, just reading and learning now. There are some very good writers here and I am finding more each day.

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