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Hello there and Welcome to my Profile. As I do so hate the spam of text that so many accomplished writers love, I'll try to keep this short and simple. I will not list my favorite hobbies, add my favorite quotes nor my entire life story. As of right now I am doing a bit of re-branding, as well as finding the motivation to edit and continue to write the stories that I have now. Any SI's I have written will have to wait and will come and go at my own leisure as they are specifically stories of my experiences and thoughts/opinions that I may have had at that point in time.

Here are the stories that I have in progress:

To Become Undone, Song Fic: Harry Potter [INCOMPLETE] Chapters (1) - It's Valentine's day of the year 1993, and Everyone from the ghosts of Hogwarts to the moving paintings are cursed to sing their hearts desire by the end of the day. Only one man seemed unaffected, armed with Occlumency, and Accustomed to blocking out unwanted emotions. Severus Snape becomes undone as he is forced to confront his hidden emotions and unfair actions against the son of his mortal enemy and his greatest love. Hogwarts is ready to hear Snape's song, but is he ready to sing it?

The Good Times: XMEN SI [INCOMPLETE] Chapters (3) - It's always good to look back on the good times, or at least that's what 15-year-old Anita Molotch had always thought. But now she isn't too sure, after finding a mysterious portal she's sucked into a world she had never knew existed. Armed with limited knowledge of the XMEN and poor memory of the movies and comics, she's going to use everything at her disposal to stay afloat before she finds herself sinking into despair. She's in a world where those who are different are persecuted, and everyone thinks that she's a mutant, something she's sure she's not, she's nothing special after all. She's just Anita.

World Turner: Original DC Fanfic [INCOMPLETE] Chapters (1) - It's been happening for months now... All across the world. Blinking lights, unnatural circumstances, and it hasn't stopped. Scientists from Indonesia to Hawaii have spent months trying to figure out what it all means. Poured millions into a solution. They only found where it led. Here, concentrated into a single area. Star City.

I am Luke: Percy Jackson/WarriorCats [INCOMPLETE] Chapters (2) - Luke Castellan has been deemed unworthy in the eyes of the Judges of the underworld. For years after his death, Luke has waited for his judgment. He had not expected Elysium having been more inclined to the field of punishment, but after interference from his father the Judges grudgingly offer Luke a choice, either be reborn in an entirely different world, forever lost to his friends and family, or be cast into the pits of Tartarus for 1,000's of years with a slight chance that the people he betrayed might visit once in a while. It wasn't a hard choice, Loyalty was Jackson's flaw, and now the lands must welcome a dangerous cat from a realm beyond the 4 clans, as Luke struggles to deal with a new life and completely different Gods.

At the End of the Day: DoctorWho/Avengers [COMPLETE] Chapters (1) - The Avengers are forced out of a day of complete relaxation when a strange noise emanates through the air. Vvvvworp, Vvvvworp, Vvvworp, Vvvvworp. That is the sound the world's greatest defenders heard when they came face to face with The Doctor, a strange alien being who has somehow taken over Director Nick Fury's Office. The Avengers confront The Doctor about Fury's Absence only to be greeted with a crazed grin.

I've seen Weirder: Dr. Who x Reader [COMPLETE] Chapters (1) You find yourself on the 10th Doctors Tardis and convince him to take you on a ride. At first, he is struck with disbelief, and then those words slipped right out of your mouth. "I've seen Weirder." And so has he, but he's certain that you are the strangest person he has ever met.

Currently, 'I am Luke' is under rewrite. I have only just begun to get back into writing again, and you are for sure going to be able to point out anything my prepubescent mind would have come up with. It will take a moment for the description to match with the story's text, but when it does you will not be disappointed. I also plan to add and rewrite a few pieces of 'At the End of the Day' As of right now, I think my other fics are fine. If you do not find my writing to be more your style feel free to check out the stories that I have favorited.

I also want to mention that I am able to edit and be an Alpha/Beta reader for anyone who needs help. Don't be afraid to contact me, and when you do be sure to message me an email that I can contact you at, or your Discord ID so that we can have an easier and faster-flowing convo. Fanfiction has always been a site for people to read and write. It simply isn't the best to chat on beyond occasional criticism.


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