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MY FAN-FICTION: Also available on A03 and Tumblr.

Currently working through all of my stories so I can mark them as complete.

WIPS I am currently working on are bold highlighted.


Series Collections:

1. The Tracy's.

The Tracy Family. Part 1: COMPLETE.


1. Avalanche: chapter 17. Updated 01/02/22

2. Bad Day: COMPLETE.

3. Gone: COMPLETE.

4. Lucille: On Hold.

5. The Games: On Hold.

Mixed Collections:

1. Bring on the Fluff: Chapter 3/? Updated 20/02/22

2. Pick & Mix: Chapters 48/50. Updated 22/01/22

3. The Bad Things Happen Train: Chapter 1/25. On Hold.

4. Virgil Drabbles: On Hold.

TAG Collection: Stories that are linked to Thunderbirds Are Go episodes.

1. Big Brother. Grandma Tourismo. S2, E18: COMPLETE.

2. Scayo, Hyperspeed. S2, E25: COMPLETE.

3. Moving On. Flame Out. S3, E9: COMPLETE.

4. EOS. SOS part 2 & Signals part 1. S3, E13 & E14: COMPLETE.

OS Collection: Stories that are linked to episodes in the original series.

1. The Night of Anderbad. S1, E3. THE PERILS OF PENELOPE: COMPLETE.

2. Reflections. S1, E4. Terror in New York City: COMPLETE.

Stand-Alone Stories:

1. Birthday Wish: COMPLETE.

2. Runaway: COMPLETE.

3. The Choice: COMPLETE.

4. The Retribution of Scott Tracy: COMPLETE.

5. White Light: COMPLETE.


1. OZ series:

• The Witches Daughter: COMPLETE.

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