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UPDATE: October 8, 2021

About Me: Hi! I'm Blue Kat. I have been writing on for more than half of my life, which is kind of crazy and a weird thing to think about. As a result, the fics on my account are from various points in my fanfic career.

You can also find me on Archive of Our Own and Wattpad as AKABlueKat/Blue Kat. Currently, AO3, and Wattpad have whatever I've published since 2015. I was on HarryPotterFanfiction as Blue Kat until it shutdown in June of 2021. I'm also on Tumblr and Twitter as @akabluekat.

A Disclaimer about J.K. Rowling: In 2020, J.K. Rowling made some cruel and awful statements about the trans community. Because I participate in a fandom for a world that she created, I want to be absolutely clear about my position on this issue: trans women are women, trans men are men, and trans rights are human rights. Rowling's views on this subject are appalling and antithetical to my values and I condemn them in the strongest possible terms. I do feel that fanfic is removed enough from Rowling that I can still read/write, but I will no longer participate in activities that directly benefit her financially because I think what she is doing is harmful. Please note that any positive statements I may have made about Ms. Rowling in my author's notes were made prior to her public statements about the trans community; I will be removing them as I find them, but it may take me a bit and I want to acknowledge that in writing somewhere.

About My Fics:

IMPORTANT UPDATE (10/8/2021): I have no idea when my next update will be. I have struggled a lot with keeping a consistent schedule during the pandemic. Additionally, I am 15 weeks pregnant. This is exciting, but it has had a HUUUUUUUGE impact on my energy and ability to focus. I'm trying to do what I can, but it's going to be slow going for a while. Nothing is abandoned, I promise.

In Progress

My two main focuses are Playing With Fire and Delicate. I generally alternate updates--i.e. if I've just posted an update for Delicate, Playing With Fire will be the next fic that's updated and so on. As of this writing on July 24, 2021, the next fic that will be updated is Delicate.

Burning Bridges is also in progress. Updates on that are going to be a little more erratic until I finish Delicate.

How often do I post updates? That is an interesting question. I used to have a more regular updating schedule for both (about once a month), but that's recently become a bit difficult for me to manage. For the time being, I'm probably going to be doing more sporadic updates. If you are ever curious about what I'm working on, my Tumblr is typically the best place to check--I will fairly often post status updates, excerpts of chapters in progress, and other fic related stuff.

I have not abandoned A Fair Amount of Courage, but it's definitely on the back burner. I've been pondering revisions for that as well. I am also working on some top secret unpublished stuff that will one day be posted.


The Girl in the Papers
A one-shot I wrote prior to the publication of Book 7.


A Written Penance
According to my previous update, Chapter 7 is in progress, but is being difficult. It's been a while since I looked at this, but I intend to come back to it at some point.

Some Enchanted Evening
According to my previous update, Chapter 3 is being written. It's been a while, but I hope to come back to this at some point.


The Truth About Elves
Discontinued in June 2006. This had a pretty decent following, though I definitely don't think it is my best work by any stretch of the imagination or anywhere near representative of my work as it is today. It was something I started writing when I was 14 and while I like to think of myself as a brilliant 8th grader, it definitely had a lot of issues. But for all of its issues, TTAE did end up pushing me to be a better writer and think more critically about my work. (And PS. Legolas and Haley do live happily ever after.)


These are mostly fics that I wrote when I was like 15. They were deleted mostly because their time has passed. I'm including them here for posterity:

A Fellowship Christmas (deleted 2/3/2019) - A very silly seasonal LOTR fic that I started and never really finished.

When Worlds Collide (deleted 2/12/2009) - A Newsies fic cowritten with my BFF.

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