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Hi, my name is Amanda, I am a straight, 28 yr old, female with dark auburn hair and hazel-green eyes.

I am a writer, artist, and can play most musical instruments that I try. I'm a music freak, meaning I constantly need music playing. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep I need some kind of noise.

Recently I've found a job that I absolutely love, however the hours aren't the best so I'm not able to have enough time to write as I wish. So it's taking a little more time than I thought

I have a number of stories that I plan on posting - however only one is done and I'm not sure about posting it as I wrote and finished it when I was much younger and there is a lot about it that I now don't like. The other five are ones that I've written the outlines from start to finish and still like the story so I'm going to give them my shot and try.

A Better World
I'm Not Broken
Keep Going

These are the ones I'm actually working on the most. They are getting very ... very long. However, I am NOT posting a story until it's completely finished. I will not be like other authors that abandon a story or just stop posting because they hit a road block. Once I finish the story I want to have them ready to post at least once or twice a week. I know I'm not the fastest writer - especially working upwards of 50 hrs a week (sometimes more), but I love these three stories and my mind is bursting with ideas for them.


Master of Puppets: Harry Potter Verse – Completed - NOT posted yet

This is about a very smart and cunning Harry Potter coming into the magical world. I know it’s been done but nothing like this has been done before. While the beginning is a little similar to others it does pick up in originality. This story is also very long, over 1000 pages altogether.

Now this story will also have a sequel. One that I haven’t started as of yet, although I have an outline and timeline being worked on now.


You're Gonna Make It: Harry Potter Verse – Work in Progress

This is about what would happen if the Dursleys had kicked little Harry out every day, wanting to get his ‘freakishness’ away from them. What would happen if Harry found two people who showed him what it was like to be cared for and loved. What would it be like if little Harry was given a chance off of the path Fate set out for him.

Dumbledore-bashing, Molly-bashing, Ginny-bashing, slash – SBHP, underage sex, graphic sexual content, graphic scenes of rape & torture. This story is rated M and could be considered NC-17 in later chapters.

I’m having a lot of fun with this story. It’s completely different than Master of Puppets or anything I’ve ever done before. But, like I said, I’m having a lot of fun writing it and I’m laughing my ass of on a lot of parts while bursting into tears on other.

I’m also doing a lot in this story that I’ve never tried before in any kind of writing before. Things and writing types, situations, that I’ve never considered trying to write before. So while it’s a challenge it’s also keeping me on my toes.

Like MoP this story will also have a sequel, which will be a crossover with Firefly/Serenity (Joss Whedon). This is also something I haven’t done before, successfully anyway. But the Firefly universe and this story works very well together. I’ve also designed this story from the very beginning knowing it was going to be a crossover sequel.

My stories have graphic violence, sex, mature scenes, etc. And if I can't upload my scenes here... I don't know what I'm going to do. This site had become my oasis and now... I don't know.


A Better World: Harry Potter Verse - Work In Progress

This is another Potter Verse that I'm trying but it is a lot different than any other Potter Verse that I've tried writing. It's started in the Marauders era but goes through the HP era and past. It's an UA (Universe Alternative - same general universe but my own twist) and it will have MANY Original Characters that interact with the main but one specif that will be primary. This will NOT resolve around HP but around this character, who will be HP's older sister.

I haven't worked out a summary, mostly because I'm sh-t at them, but hopefully I'll have one soon.


I'm Not Broken: Supernatural Verse - Work In Progress

This is my very first even attempt at Supernatural fiction but I'm loving it. Pairing will be Dean/Castiel - light Sam/Gabriel. It is an A/B/O type story, the first one I've ever done.

For the most part I'm following the Series, but I'm adding my own twist and also completely changing things - especially since I'm adding a A/B/O dynamic. There are a some things in the Verse that I'm not comfortable with and some that drive me nuts, so you're going to get my version on what I like.

This will be rated M and have NC-17 scenes and light BDSM scenes, which I will give the appropriate warnings. It will mostly focus on Dean but there will be a lot of other characters - mostly Sam, Cas, (and a few surprises) that will also have their moments.

However, this story is quite far off, as I'm only now starting the outline. And I refuse to post a story that I haven't completed - in the off chance that I'll want to go back and make changes or whatever. Plus I hate when people post and then abandon a story because they can't finish it.


Keep Going: Teen Wolf Verse - Work In Progress

This is my first Teen Wolf fanfic. Like all my stories, it is generally the same universe with my own twist. This will be Stiles/Derek! it will be rated: M.

I’ve made everyone a year older so Season 1 & 2 happen through Junior Year and season 3 will happen in Senior Year. I’m changing the dates a bit because high school lacrosse ends in May or mid-June, I’m going with mid-May to keep things a bit in focus for my story. I’m also putting a lot of time between everything that happens – I didn’t find it realistic (well ... obviously) that things happened one after another near back to back, without giving them any time to breathe – especially the Alpha Pack / Darach and the Nogitsune.

Allison was not in any way shape or form responsible or involved with Erica and Boyd being caught by Gerald. This infuriated me in canon. In no way is what she did acceptable; I don’t care that she believed with all her heart that Derek was responsible for her mother’s death. Erica and Boyd weren’t involved; they were innocent teenagers. Ones she was at least partially friendly with and went to school with. Her actions are not that of a sane healthy person, they’re actions of a sociopath.

Scott is not and will NEVER be a True Alpha. I do not understand or agree with the show on this. Derek needed therapy and time to heal, which happened later in the show, to be a good Alpha. Scott McCall is a narrow minded, self-righteous, stubborn, and extremely young teenager. The way he reacts in certain situations (especially with Theo) shows this. He shouldn’t be a ‘True Alpha’ – at least I don’t think so. He’s too easily manipulated, too naïve, and sees the world in a strict black/white – which its not.


Unsteady: Lucifer Verse - Work In Progress

This is my first Lucifer fanfic. Like all my stories, it is generally the same universe with my own twist. This will be Lucifer/Chloe! it will be rated: M.

The only problem I'm having is with summary. I suck at them. Really bad. I know what my stories are about but if I tried explaining, I would end up giving away the entire thing. Granted some people would still want to read the actual story afterwards but there are many that would be disappointed with the spoilers or my telling of it.


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If you could read that put it in your profile.

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