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In the simple need to find it later in the event my computer crashes I will list a few links to excellent stories that I cannot find posted on

Tales of Ranma and Achika: http:///fanfic.html?id=1308

Comes the Cold Dragon: http:///fanfics/

Quantum Destinies: http:///quantumdestinies/

Armageddon?? And It's Sequel: Pantheocide

The Shadow Chronicals: http:///

Childern of An Elder God: http:///wombat/Stories/Cthulhu/index.html

Rune Ranko (among others): http://

Including the Forums:

The Fanfiction Forum, Fanfiction Federation, , http:// and the Creative Writing Forum at SpaceBattles.

And Also the Websites:

The Archives: Ficwad, MediaMiner, grandt, tthFanfic and

Anime Addventure: http:///

Ranchan Totally Crossed: http://

At this time my access to my email account is down do to a hack and I have no way to respond to emails. I hope you don't take offense.

The way I categorize whether I put authors in my favorite authors or not is the author has to have at least three stories I love, and no story I dislike.

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