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Hey all this is Kit Ninja.

I hope you all enjoy my stories as it may take a while to update the chapters depending on what things I have to do. I will, however, continue my stories untill they are finished as once I start a story I will not stop until it is finished no matter how long it would take. Once I start a story I will not abandon it no matter how crappy it is. ;P Look out for 2 stories comming out soon. Well not much more to say unless to please be patient. Thanks a lot.

P.S. I love severitus stories and when harry's parents are alive stories no matter what they do to him. I love yugioh stories where yugi becomes strong in his own way with or without help and Naruto merges with kyuubi or tops all other ninja. As well as itch is able to abduct him. Please give me the titles or writter names of who written the stories. Also I like stories of where harry is not human or not completely human. Thank you.

Oh oh. Forgot one more. Also stories how ranma breaks free and kicks everyone's butt's. Thank you that is all.

Kit Ninja

Hi guys I'm back. I am soo sorry that I haven't updated in a while but I promise that I will update real soon. Hidden Fox chapter 11 has been sent to my beta reader and it will be posted real soon. I'm sorry, I've had a real hard time in college and I was so swamped with work that I have had a major writers block but now I am cured. Runs around in circles with a super duper hazelnut caramel DZ dreams from starbucks.

Also I am almost finished with the next chapter to Science and Magic. I have written up to where Edward is going to his vaults but I am having trouble with what I want to be in the vaults. If anyone would like to give me a few ideas please do so by reviewing. Begs on her knees crying and begging ;_;.

Venom of the Snake's next chapter will be out next week and I AM STARTING ANOTHER STORY SOON. All I am going to say that it is an HP/YYH crossover and I guarantee you that no one else has ever tried this before I AM A FIRST. Puffs up like a Peacock

Well please be patient a little while longer and I promise everything will be updated real soon. Thank you so much for waiting everyone. Bows

Kit Ninja

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