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Let it be known that a lot of my stories are OLD and badly written, read them at your own risk! I keep them up for a few reasons, to see the progress I've made over the years, and to one day hopefully go back and rewrite them. The stories marked with (OLD) are stories I've decided are either old as it suggests, or just badly written enough to be considered such. The ones marked as being on hiatus I do plan on either updating them or fixing them in the future.

I am currently working on a novel series of my own, so I may not have a lot of time to work on my fanfiction right now. I do plan on updating when I can though.

Also, Fanfiction.net has put in some greater security to make sure stories are not stolen. I've had a few (such as Consequences) stolen and published on websites by people claiming it belongs to them. Most of you know that's not the case, but I still had to fight tooth and nail to reclaim my own work.

The extra security may not stop the more uncaring, cruel and determined people out there. If you see any stolen work, please let victimized authors know their work they poured so much of their heart into is being violated. Give them the chance to try to fight back. Thank you!

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