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Hellooooo!!! Welcome to my page XD

I am not the best fan fic writer (and I'm the first to say it) but I had been longing to try this for a very long time, and now I'm so glad I decided to do it, somewhere around December 2016.

Hopefully you guys could give some advice and help out a bit in the reviews.

Fandoms and Ships:

  1. Outer Banks (current fandom): jiara
  2. Leverage: eliot x parker
  3. The Musketeers: annamis
  4. The Walking Dead: caryl
  5. The 100: bellarke
  6. Teen Titans: bbrae

On a more personal note, I am striving to become a professional musician. I have been studying for about half my life, and over the years, I've played a bunch of different instruments. I consider myself a drummer, but I also play piano, I sing, and I've dabbled in bass and saxophone.

More Facts About Me:

-I absolutely HATE crossover stories. I won't write them, and I won't read them. In my opinion, I don't like mixing one thing with another, when it comes to writing about shows or movies or animes. Unless it's locations; I like tweaking with locations... sometimes.

-In my opinion, a book or movie isn't that good without romance in it, at least some kind, so I incorporate it into most of fics.

-Currently, I have been in a rather dark place lately, so my stories have taken a turn towards the more sad and angsty side of writing. In a way, it kind of works out in my favor, since that’s the kind of writing I like anyway, but it also makes it much more difficult to write in general.

-In the past, I have received some rather rude reviews that were full of cursing, and let me tell you, they were not fun to read. I am totally for constructive criticism, but not full blown hate. Thank you so much for understanding!

-As a writer with about four years of experience under my belt, I want to help other writers as much as I can. If you would like my help, check out my beta profile and see if you think I would fit your needs. I'd gladly do what I can to assist you.

-I am always ready to talk to fellow writers... feel free to PM me at anytime! :)

Okay, Okay... I will stop my babbling now! Enjoy my stories!!!!! ;)


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