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Hi there everyone! It's... been a while, hasn't it.

A lot has changed for me, but I promise I still love writing - I've just moved on to my own original works. I'm still a big Fablehaven fan and have been reading Dragonwatch as it comes out, but unfortunately writing fanfic isn't my current way to spend time. Though if any ficswaps or Secret Santas start up, I'll definitely participate!

I apologize for randomly deleting everything - all my fics will be back up, hopefully within the month. If it takes longer than that, please DM me! I don't want to be a procrastinator. I wanted to edit certain parts, because some things reflect certain elements in my life that I no longer enjoy thinking about. However, I don't want to take it away completely, because I know there are people who enjoy them. On top of that, I'll be uploading the edited versions to AO3!

Feel free to stop by Discord to say hi (theunrealitywaltz#9452) and I hope you enjoy my writing!

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