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ShadraRune PM
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So, I should probably put something here in case I eventually write something...

Hi, I'm a lurker who lover Time-Travel and non-romance-focused stories, dislikes Yaoi, and prefers fantasy over reality. Huge KH fan, descovered FF7-timetravel through it, and am willing to help authors with their stories, if they ask.

Interests: You can probably figure them out from my Favorites. Other then that, Gamer, Artist, World designer.

Not a huge fan of: Crack stories, Profanities, Yaoi, Sex scenes, or great stories abandoned years ago.

Universes I would love to read Time-Travel in: TWEWY(Actual characterization, like "Chapters"), Golden Sun(PLZ update, the only one I've found), Final Fantasy IV/4, and Fablehaven or Beyonders.

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