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hi peoplez! Hope You like our story

- Faith, Raven, and Nyoko(thats not our real names but we don't want any stalkers)

hi peoplez! this is Faith! lol the one above is Raven's! now remeber just like we said below these names we go by are not are real ones! we just don't want stockers! lol anyways! Raven is 15 and i'm 15!andNyoko is 15. lol x anyways were three Friends that decided to write a story together! of course we still have no i idea what the title will be yet...yup T-T; anyways are friends are giving us good reviews for it so far but of course the story were workin on now is a work in progress! lol i'll let you know this much! Raven is Guatemalin and me Faith am Mexican! (and NyokoIdon't know what she is cuz i didn't bother to ask! sorry! Nyoko if you're reading this!) lol so that means we're both latin! hahaha! we both live in California but we won't say which part and we both go to the same school! xD haha! yeyuh! lol i know i'm weird but that's just me! xP well g2g i'll prolly edit this profile lata and make it a little more weird! go me! l.f.n. (l.f.n. means lata for now. x)

Faith over there forgot to mention that we're genius (sorry can't type or spell so if you complain skrew you)any ways I have to say this Avenge sevenfold rocks as do all rock music does and reggeton sucks ass ~ Raven P. Avenged Sevenfold Is way better then Green day no mater what y'all say (sticks out tongue)

PSH what ever Raven Wut ever. Avenged Sevenfold is alright but Blink 182 is one of the Best Bands Ever! right next to Greenday and Nodoubt! (sticks out toungue) if you can't deal then tough. xP and of course we both know Nyoko would say "GREEN DAY ALL THE WAY!" so yup ~Faith

~Faith xD

- Faith & Raven and Nyoko (thats not our real names but we don't want any stalkers)

here is some contact info

/drunk_dax (for Nyoko)

/c00kie_doh (for Faith)

/darkrose_raven (for Raven but she doesn't go on that much but it is a way to contact her if you have xanga)

http:///8123941 (for Faith)

http:///index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=15062391(for raven)

i'm not sure if Nyoko has a myspace

~ Bloodydepressed

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