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Well, hello there! It looks like you've stumbled into my humble abode that is this FFN account. And... uh, that's it, I suppose. I'm just someone with some extra spare time, and so I took that spare time and ended up becoming a writer. Well uh, people like what I write, so I guess that's a good thing??? Anyway, I mainly write for the K-On community, so don't expect much else from me, except for a few lousy crossovers here and there. I am planning to do some stuff for BanG! Dream, though. Not many people are going to be happy about that one...

I'm not a diligent person. Yeah, I know, I'm lazy. That means you won't hear much from me until I finally release something. Updates are very few and far between, please bear with me on this one. I end up not getting much motivation and drive to write, even though it's something that I enjoy.. :\

Anyway, I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear me go on and on about how boring my life is and you just want to read my fics...

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