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This account is now dead.

Please close it immediately.

NOTE: Everything has been removed and transferred. Unfortunately, my Wattpad account is now closed.

Alright, since Wattpad kept screwing up, I had that account closed. So, this means that only archive of our own, now carries my stories. So long as you're not an idiot who believes a known thief is a writer, send me a PM and I can point you in the right direction. While, I won't put down the titles, I can tell you the fandoms that I dabble in, but do keep in mind that I write mainly slash pairings.

1. Harry Potter and Sonic the Hedgehog

2. Harry Potter and 13 Ghosts (2001 Edition)

3. Digimon (Seasons 1-4)

4. Beyblade (Original Version) and Kingdom Hearts

5. Super Mario Bros with guests from Smash Bros

6. South Park

7. Ghostbusters

8. Sam and Max

9. Resident Evil

10. Silent Hill

11. The Simpsons

12. Goosebumps

13. Harry Potter and Five Nights at Freddy's

As you can see, I do dabble in quite a few areas. With the Digimon one, I'm working by pure memory, even though it had been years since I first watched the original digidestined. My stories, I should warn you, can be fairly dark and heavily detailed; but warnings will be put up in the notes of each chapter. So, if things like torture, body morph, etc. bothers you than you can turn back and look elsewhere. I'm also not a fan of Molly Weasley and her two youngest children, Hermione Granger at times and definitely dislike Albus too many names Dumbledore; so they can get bashed and tortured in my stories.

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