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CURRENTLY ON HIATUS ON FF (Find me on Kono_Rohan_Da)

Take 1: Um. . .hi. Right now I’m Je Sono AKA, but I have an affinity of going through a bunch of lengthy usernames, so, yeah. Hey, that sucked. Could I do that again?

Take 2: Bonjour! Je suis un person qui. . . doesn’t know what I was going to say next. Oi- STOP TYPING!

Take 3: . . .I really like the colour red.

FINAL TAKE: Hello! I’m Kono-Rohan-Da, a teen fanfic author from a country that speaks the queen’s English. I enjoy learning languages in my freetime—because not all fanfic’s are written in English— and the Fandom’s I’m the msot interested in are listed below my PHILOSOPHY in nice little categories.

Currently. . .

I’m thinking up little oneshots to add to my Hetalia collection. I think it’s called “What do you say?” Or something like that. I’m also working on a fic my friend called unique, Fallen Angel, a Avengers Clint-centric fic that takes after the first movie (I screw with the timline), and has Clint faking his death and being taught by Loki on how to use magic. Woo hoo.

Oh. And I changed my usename...again

Complimentary username history:

1) 2016 (first contact with fanfiction: CaptainStartreker

God, I still remember that hideous username. I even had a Quotev and Wattpad account under the username. I still use its gmail to sign up for random stuff inorder to access it

2) 2018 (when I mastered quickly typing on an ipad mini using only the pointer finger of my left hand and the middle three fingers of my right hand): RedWayneHood

So, yeah. I was going through my Batman phase and I wasn’t creative

3) 2019 : JeSonoAka

My favorite color is red, and 2019 was the start of my language learning hobby. “Je” is “I” in French, “Sono” is the singilar-self for “am”, “aka” is Japanese for “red”, so “I am red”

4) Befinning of the 2019-2020 schoolyear (I am now a smartchild who’s a HS Freshie- yes, do the math, I started writing fanfiction in Junior High when I was a cut lil’ 10 year old) : Kono-Rohan-Da

Why are 75% of my usernames ever just plays on fandom names or characters? Obviously, I’m a JoJos Bizarre Adventure addict now



Writing is an art, and it is a portrait. It paints a picture in one’s mind, one’s thoughts. People play music, draw, or write to express their emptions. They create. Writing, out of them all, expresses the emotion of anyone. A depressed Percy Weasley, a raging Jason Todd. A curious Pidge Gunderson or a badass Deckard Shaw. You can mold your own fantastical world using only a keyboard or, perhaps, a fountain pen and ink-well on parchment. No one has the right to judge. Most importantly, messages are portrayed. The most popular form of a main theme is portrayed in poetry, a concept that is so hard to find and tedious to the pre-college student in English class. Hard to grasp, hard to remember, and hard to write. The writing I do mostly addresses modern topics. I might dabble in politics, or I might delve into more serious regions of thought. Most popular to myself is subjects that are hard to breach, one’s that I am not comfortable with. In order to become a better writer, and to become better in anything, you must do what you are uncomfortable with. Color in black in white instead of colour. Write with a pen and not a pencil. Use cursive. Speak in another language. Etcetera, etcetera. For me, some of these topics are those of self-harm, suicidal thought—for I can’t bare to dispatch a character—self-hate, bullying, mental disorders such as PTSD, etc. Reading this, you might wonder what sort of person I am. A sadist, perhaps? Do you think me an anti-social teenage boy base of my profile, or perhaps a depressed adult? Maybe a teen struggling with life, even a girl trying to make a new life? People view me as multiple things, and, yes, I do use a mask. My closest friends know me, the few I have, and I give you my word. I rarely keep a promise, but always my word. I used to find these subjects uncomfortable, trying to imagine myself in their position, trying to see another in that pisition, going as far as to pretend to attempt one to myself to see how characters and other people have felt. And through reading, I have been able to gather a semblance of how it all feels. And my profile picture? I was going on a Percy Weasley spree and I stumbled upon that rather nice piece of fanart. I’m considering perhaps writing a fanfiction about it. Percy Weasley and the avada kedavra? Why not! And my friend said he looks rather striking in that photo.

The fictions I wrote are erratic. I have it all planned: in my head, on sticky notes scattered abou or the tiny notepad in my backpack. I simply have no time. I do suffer from some self-diagnosed mental disorders, and if you want to talk to me about your chemical imbalances in your brain, feel free to PM me. I am not a cold-hearted, mind my language, bastard. The ficfions I write, beside being erratic, are not often completed, though I strive to complete them. It’s hard to stay on one topic with so many thoughts, and I know many of you feel the same. But, be pre-aware, I do try.

FanFic requests accepted, with category and caractors in order of preferences

Animes: One Punch Man
  1. Metal Bat / Badd
  2. Garou
  3. Saitama
  4. Genos
  5. King
Hetalia: Axis Powers
  1. Spain / Antonio Carriedo
  2. Prussia / Gilbert Beilschmidt
  3. Scotland / Alister Kirkland
  4. Romano / South Italy
  5. Australia / Jett Kirkland
Tokyo Ghoul
  1. Kaneki Ken
  2. Kishou Arima
  3. Nagasaki Hideyoshi
  4. Tsukiyama
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures
  1. Joseph Joestar
  2. Kujo Jotar
  3. Caesar Zeppeli
  4. Leone Abbacchio
  5. Josuke Higashikata
Fullmetal Alchemist
  1. Roy Mustang
  2. Maes Hughes
  3. Alphonse Elric
  4. Edward Elric
  5. Von Hoenheim
  1. Sawamura Daichi
  2. Kuroo Tetsurou
  3. Bokuto Koutarou
  4. Atsumu Miya
  5. Iwaizume Hajime
  6. Ushijima Wakatoshi
Books, Comics, and Graphic Novels: Hogwarts
  1. Percival (Percy) Weasley
  2. Remus John Lupin
  3. Charles (Charlie) Weasley
  4. William (Bill) Weasley
  5. George Weasley
  1. Julian Blackthorn
  2. Jonathan (Jace) Christopher Herondale / Morgenstern
  3. Lucian Greymark
  4. Magnus Bane
  5. James (Jem) Carestairs
  1. Darrel (Darry) Curtis
  2. Soda-Pop Curtis
  3. Two-Bit
  4. Steve Randel
Beautiful Creatures
  1. Macon Ravenwood
  2. Ethan
  3. Lila-Jane Evans
  4. Lena Ravenwood
DC Universe
  1. Harold Jordan (Hal) / Green Lantern
  2. Jason Todd / Red Hood
  3. Bartholomew Allen (Barry) / Flash
  4. Bruce Wayne / Batman
  5. Jason Blood / Etrigan
Movies and Television The Fast and the Furious
  1. Deckard (Deck) Shaw
  2. Brian O’Connor
  3. Luke Hobbs
  4. Dominic (Dom) Torreto
  5. Han
Marvel Cinematic Universe
  1. Clint Barton / Hawkeye / Ronin
  2. Thor Odinson
  3. Loki Laufeyson-Odinson
  4. Steve Rogers / Captain America
Voltron : Defenders of the Universe
  1. Takashi Shirogane (Shiro)
  2. Kenneth Kogane (semi-OC. Keiths Dad)
  3. Katie Holt (Pidge)
  4. Keith Kogane
  5. Hunk
  1. Kai Smith
  2. Montgomery Garmadon
  3. Jay Walker
  4. Loyd Garmadon
  5. Nya Smith
Titans (2018)
  1. Richard (Dick) Grayson
  2. Garfield (Gar) Logan
  3. Rachel
  4. Kory Anders

Other Fandoms:

Star Wars (second trilogy) Mission Impossible House M.D. Snerlock (BBC) The Greatest Showman Stranger Things


Please read before requesting any works


OC requests (I dont like doing OCs- will only use in only entirely or mostly OC fic) Smut Character Deaths One-sided relationships Poly-relationships (too hard to write and develop; unrealistic in most context. Read about human relationship psychology) Character becoming permanently evil Alpha-beta-omega universes Most alternate universes Word limitations (shudder) Song fic’s
Anything without smut Sequel’s What If’s? Tumblr prompts Prompts in general Character revivals Family and platonic fluff Metamorphosis Stories for fanart Fanart permission based on a story? Musical adaptations (with original lyrics)
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