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DragonRyd3r PM
Joined Dec '16

Name: DragonRyd3r

Gender: Female



- Percy Jacskon/Heroes of Olympus/Trials of Apollo/Kane Chronicles/Magnus Chase

- Harry Potter

(TV Shows)

- Gravity Falls

- Danny Phantom

- Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

- Sherlock

- Supernatural


- Minecraft

- Undertale

- Detroit: Become Human

(Dungeons and Dragons)

- Dice, Camera, Action!

- Dark and Dicey

- Trapped in the Birdcage


- Markiplier

- Jacksepticeye

- Stampylonghead

- Jacksfilms

Favorite Ships: Dipacifica, Ladynoir/Adrienette, Percabeth, Fierrochase, Alphyne

The Six Deadly Sins of Fanfiction:

1. Thou shalt not retcon canon

2. Thou shalt not write Mary Sue OCs

3. Thou shalt not write canon characters OOC

4. Thou shalt not use purple prose

5. Thou shalt not use beige prose

6. Thou shalt not ignore the red line

(Please let me know if I commit any of these)

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