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Other Name: Jade
Age: Jan. 2nd, 1991

If anyone would like to find me elsewhere, I am:

jade-of-the-dragons on dA

hittocerebattosai on Neopets

JadeDragonLady on Gaiaonline

Battosai_H on Livejournal

Jade's Kingdom fic website (rarely updated, but does contain content not published here.)


Not to be confused with the the one and only HITTOCERE! (Who is the one who named me.)

What I have been doing lately:

Reading. College. Reading. Work. Reading. Drawing. Reading. Writing.


FFVIIfic Reality: Zombies, Zack, Voices, Cloud, Timetravel, Oh my!

YYHHPfic Crossover: Ch10 is 10% complete.

GWDNcrossover: Light, Duo, ...what?

KHD1 (KHFFVII:AC crossover): Riku and Sora crash their gummiship WHERE?!

KHD2: Riku and Sora's return to Destiny Isles does not proceed as expected-- "Why don't they recognize us, Riku?! Why?!"

FIC MASTER LIST -Most on Hiatus until FT is complete-:

¥ “SnapshotYYH. Only a select few knew that Shuichi was really Youko Kurama. So… Where had all the photographs around school come from? And just who took them? Kurama-centric non-romance. Currently in progress. (ch.1=1/2done)

¥ “SecretDNAngel. Dai-chan has always had a bit of a secret. One hidden so deep that even ‘he’ often forgot… And now, the secrets out… DarkxDaisuke Gender-bender. In progress, currently missing.

¥ “SoulYu-Gi-OhxDNAngel crossover. Yugi and Ryou both qualify for an exchange trip to Azumano. DarkxDaisuke BakuraxRyou YamixYugi In progress, slowly being written. (SLOWLY)

¥ "Witness" DNAngel. There are people who are much darker, and more dangerous, than Dark who stalk the night. It wasn’t supposed to happen. It was supposed to be a normal night, sure, one while committing a theft, but still normal. This wasn’t supposed to happen. How could they have known of the dangers after nightfall? Two chapters down, will be posted when plot chart is built. May become a DNAngelxYGO crossover.

¥ “Fall ThroughYYHxHP. Ever wondered exactly how Harry survived that Killing Curse at age one? Reincarnation. KuramaxKuronue ShuichixHarry mild slash. (ch.10 is almost complete.)

¥ "Demon of Ice, Angel of Fire" DNAngel. The gates of Heaven have been locked and it's up to Daisuke to reopen them, but, Dai can't free the keys from the crosses. Will Satoshi help? And just WHY is he a Demon? AU, Hiatus, currently in process of rewrite.

¥ “MagokoroYYH. Yusuke had been complaining for months over his lack of Vacation time and he had finally been granted full-time time-off. Now no one can find Yusuke… And… What’s with all the skirts in Yusuke’s closet? Gender-bender. KuramaxYusuke First chapter completed! Notebook found! Will be posted when a few more chapters are done and a plot chart is built.

¥ “Dance through TimeInuYasha. Kagome’s adventures through time are finally over and she can finally leave InuYasha behind to focus on more important things—like schoolwork. Now… What’s up with that new boy who looks like Miroku? MirokuxKagome Unstarted as of yet.

¥ “RealityFinal Fantasy VII. If anyone had cared to ask, Cloud would have replied “Yes.” After all, who wouldn’t think they're insane when they have their half forgotten best friend living in their head? ZackxCloud Started, but not much is down, plot building needed.

¥ “It Would Not Over TimeDNAngel. Every one expected life to go one as it once had. They expected Riku and Daisuke to be dating, Satoshi to continue coming to school, Daisuke to be cheerful. Unfortunately, that is not how it was. Satoshi was dead, and dispite Daisuke’s attempts he had committed suicide. It is probable that he felt that he had no use in life anymore. Riku fell out of love and went back to focusing on her sports, eventually falling in love again, this time with Takeshi. And Daisuke? Daisuke was no longer cheerful. His life felt empty without Dark and Satoshi. He graduated high school was the company of a few friends and was finally pulled into modeling at Keiji’s insistence. As time wore on, he began to wonder… Was there any way to fix his life? Or should he just follow Dark and Satoshi? If there was a way to go back—go back to the beginning—he was determined to find it. Need to condense summary, two chapters down, up to chapter 9 planned out.

¥ "Desperation" DNAngel. This one was actually originally written by a friend of mine, and she passed it on over to me. It is a rather... depressing fic. It deals with death and reincarnation, soul merging, scientific experimentation upon prisoners, etc. I mostly wanted to finish it because I wanted to draw a picture of a scene it sported of DaiDakku and SaKurado.

¥ "World of Shattered Dreams" Full Metal Alchimest DNAngel crossover. This one was also originally written by a friend of mine who also passed it over to me. It deals with Planetary represented gods, the Gifted, world hopping, and the spontanious sprouting of wings.

¥ Unnamed Hanazakari no kimitachih e (花ざかりの君たちへ) W Juliet crossover. Crossdressing galore! Most of this story seems to have misplaced itself somewhere apparently beyond reach. Features Ito, Makoto, Mizuki, and Sano. Ito really wasn't happy with her family's latest stunt.

¥ Unnamed KH FFVII:AC crossover. Picture this: KH2 Sora and Riku, Clouds world during Advent children. Now, here is the corresponding complication "Loz, Yazoo, Kadaj Riku and stressed Cloud = ?" Well, if you guessed "Remnant!" You're sort of right.

¥ Unnamed YGO. Features VAMPIRE!Jounouchi! AND it it follows cannon "perfect" to the "t"! Jou's been keeping secrets. ...Again.

¥ Unnamed Naruto. InsaneAsylum!Naruto fic. An attempt at de-cliche-ifting the good ole Insane!Naruto creation.

LOOK AT THIS! -- Fusion--Final Fantasy VII. It has sprung some adoration over here! I'm finding myself eagerly waiting for the next chapter! It's to chapter 15 currently, and it seems to have slow updates, but the story is AMAZING. ...Very long too. You all know I'm a sucker for long stories, don't you? It pretty much goes: Cloud-Thirty. Cetra-Interfering. TIMEWARP! Ookay... Sorta... Cloudy's got this little coma thing going on and... being 15 again is hell for him.

--Yaoi-- "Cloud Strife finds it hard to deal with what he had to do to save his world, but now the Planet will give him a chance to change things for himself and for General Sephiroth."

LOOK AT THIS TOO --Fire, Dreams, and Twilight--Final Fantasy VII. I loove it! I can honestly say that I have read it over 20 times. I really cannot wait to see what happens next either! Gah. I wanna read it again... *resists urge to read it again*

BEING RE-WRITTEN, and STILL IN PROGRESS K has some really cute things going on for this fic, and the frogs are hilarious.

--None-- "All it takes is one 'dream' to push events into motion that will change the very fate of Gaea. Armed with foreknowledge, and a clueless exTurk at his side, a young Cloud Strife is bound and determined to change the path destiny was walking down."

LOOK AT THIS TOO --As The Last Candle Burns: Book One-- Naruto. Adoration is springing up here in droves. ADORATION. I wish it'd update... Go take a look, kay? I think this is the second time I've read it. It's a KakashixNaruto, with a twist. I swear you'll love it. Two chapters (LONG, very, very long!) and 250 well deserved reviews.

--Yaoi--"Naruto will do anything to save the future and the people in it, even if it means going back to the very beginning. “For all my precious people…for you, Kakashi. I’ll do it for you.”"

Some quotes for your entertainment:

¥ "It's not the falling that hurts... It's your sudden meeting with the ground." --Anonymous.
¥ "If you can't dazzle the world with your knowledge, then baffle it with your nonsense." Hittocere.
¥ "Hey! Synchronized sitting! Up-two-three! Down-two-three! Up-two-three! Down-two-three! Up-two-three! Down-two-three! Alright! Let’s clap together now!" -an occurrence with Reject From The Back Of The Bus
¥ "As you guys have said, I'm not the most agile person. I'm going to lie down now." sparky-chan123, right before she fell down.
¥ "My gaydar is going off!" (to the key of glee) This is something sparky-chan123 said in reference to Setzler, he's the one with the purple everything during the 'Struggle' competition in KH2.
¥ "If this is a dream, don't wake me up." --Cloud Srife, 2nd disk, FFVII. Gosh cloudy, you're so dramatic. ._.
¥ "Stabbing a Wrestling Mat with a Nintendo? What?" Me, unfortunately. I still have no idea what she (my sister) meant by that.
¥ "It's Fanter in the middle of Spummer!" -sparky, conversation about the weird weird weather that has been sieging the country.

Extra fun quotes from the Real Life:

¥ "What can be more fun than sex? WAIT! NO! Don't answer that." --Mr. Hougen (my freshman Health teacher)
¥ "Watashi wa sulipaa desu! I'm a slipper!" --Stephany, a friend in Japanese 3-4.
¥ "Mr. Adams... Is this going to get us in trouble with the Fire Marshall?" --Shannon
¥ "Hang on a second, class, I've misplaced the matches and my freshmen are next." --Mr. Adams
¥ "Mediocre turn out today guys, good job!" --Mr. Malcolm when we had one of three days of perfect attendence. He said the same thing every day. We only had eight people.
¥ "Okay class, I'll take my leave and remember: "Win if you can, loose if you must, but always...?"" --Mr. Malcolm
""CHEAT!"" --Whole AP class in response. It was actually a really easy test, and most of the answers were taped to the walls! grins

¥"9:07 pm (June 23rd, 2010)

So today, Dad went to the bathroom in Ohio, and witnessed an earthquake in Quebec.*

He just does this sort of thing.

*since this could be taken so very, VERY wrong, the "witnessing" was "oh hey, the water in the bowl's sloshing, I'll have to go google earthquake events". " --Joisbishmyoga(@livejournal), something I found terrible funny and couldn't stop laughing about for over a minute.

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