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Officially Been On Fanfiction Net For An Entire Decade! GREAT SCOTT, WE'RE LIVING IN THE FUTURE NOW

1000 Fanfics Achieved!

Well, there you have it folks. Ten years. Ten friggin' long years of writing fanfiction on this site. Let alone all the way to up 1000 of them. Goddamn.

July is here, and things are going to get more exciting, shall we say.

It's so redundant, but obviously it has come to my attention that I now officially have written 1000 fanfics for all of you here on this lovely site. To which I must state... good God.

To help let me write more fanfiction freely, and to be able to free up the fanfic space here while at the same time letting me have two places to churn fanfiction out, I'm now also on Archive Of Our Own. Profile is here. Also I'm on pastebin, should have pointed that out, too. But that's not the only nonsense I have, since I got my own booru for all you big guys and gals to check out.

Anyway, yeah, it's pretty obvious that I'm starting to get up there in age. I'm not churning out as much fanfiction as I used to. Now that it's April, though...

I'm officially now on tumblr AND twitter. The latter being the more shocking thing since it's so damn limiting. Don't expect be to be doing any of that shipping nonsense, though. Links, mah boi, are here and here.

Also, on that note, I'm on the Sonic Stadium and DKVine, with the latter much moreso. As if having my own page on TVTropes (I go there for all the delicious info, but I'm not a troper, so to speak) and lurking certain unknown places I'm too lazy to recall weren't enough in addition to the first two things I just listed. Don't expect much of me on the former, though. And because people have been asking me constantly, I'll say screw it and put it here: 2724 0247 4401. That's my Nintendo 3DS friend code. The name? CD-I Reject. It should be obvious why. And since I'm updating this profile, I'm plugging this, because we need more Dry Bowser fanfiction. So read it or else. Please.

One more thing... we need more Toadette farting. Just saiyan. And more obscure girls farting too, that's a good thing.

And since because I was stupid enough to do it, here's my board on 8Chan where you can ask me stupid stuff.

...Now that you bothered to read and check all that Shrek 'n' dreck, have a good day! Here's to another decade's worth of stupidity!

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