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Hey everyone! I'm AnimeShipper03!

I'm an amateur author so please if you want to be mean I will most likely just ignore what you say. Anyways… I'm a huge Fairy Tail fan along with Pokèmon and good couple of other animes, but I'm not just an anime fan I'm also a Steven Universe fan along with a few more cartoons just not Teen Titans Go. I will forever hate it because it replaced the action cartoon "Teen Titans", but I'm happy that they are playing re-runs of the show.

Also, I have a story that is up right now and it's called Battle for Power. I plan on finishing that story before I start a new one unless I have this really good idea, but I'll tell you more about it in the story I have now. Now the reason why I started reading and even decided to write my own FanFiction is because some times I get the ideas of something so I look it up on Safari and if I like what I see then I look for it on the FanFiction.Net app and download it so I don't have to keep using my data for it (since I don't have good wifi at my house).

So I hope you like my ideas and please follow me, my story, and give me some feedback (telling me if you like/don't like how I wrote something, or if you just want to give me some support).

That's basically all I ask for so thanks a whole lot to my fans and the people that actually know me in real life! Also if you want me to write a little story about something then please just PM me and tell me what you want me to write about! But if I don't like the idea then I most likely won't do it but if I don't want to be mean or am in a good mood that day then I'll probably just tweak the story a bit so that I like it but it still fits your criteria.

So I do truly hope that you all like my story/ies ("ies" for future stories). I love all my followers and I just hope you could help me out!

I just want to thank everyone who plans on sticking with me through this and that I really appreciate all the support! I love you all so much for actually liking my story and giving me some of your support! Thank you all! I hope you enjoy Battle for Power and any other story that I write! Battle for Power is now up on Wattpad for those who may want to copy any of my stories. I will be putting all of my future stories (if I write any) on Wattpad so they can't be copied. Thank you that is all for now!

With lots of Love,


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