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Hi there, I never know what I should really put on these things so I guess I'm just going to make it up as I go.

First I guess I should start off by saying I'm a 24 year old college student, my Major is History, I know most people find it boring but I enjoy it.

That's it...

Anyways I've been a fan of Rooster Teeth for most of my life really, and a fan of Warhammer 40k for almost an equal amount of time. So that's probably one of the reasons why my first story is how it is.

I believe it was around the time of Volume 3 ending that I first came to FanFiction, I was a staunch supporter of the Flagship, Arkos. So it's easy to imagine that I was distraught to see it sink and found Fanfiction to be a good way to ease off the loss of it, though I wouldn't go so far as to say I would demand it back, for the sake of story telling it's best to keep Pyrrha dead unless the story has a proper build up to it.

At the same time I'm not much of a Fan for the other pairings of Jaune at the moment, Lancaster is technically the most logical progression which I'm acceptant of but I wouldn't actually mind seeing someone else entirely, by that I mean someone that isn't from team RWBY, getting paired with Jaune in the coming Volumes.

But I digress, when I did start reading Fanfiction mainly for Arkos stuff I was hooked, and soon enough I was frequently bookmarking various stories besides Arkos centered reading.

It wasn't until long that I felt like trying my own hand at writing, that's another thing I've always been interested in, writing, and one night I was lying in bed thinking what sort of story should I make and that's when it hit me, literally. I had a copy of The Founding by Dan Abnett that I apparently didn't put completely on the shelf and it fell, smacking me in the face, when I turned on my light I realized I should try making a story that mixed RWBY with Warhammer 40k.

Thus The Lost Sons was born and just like that I killed it.

Why it's called that you'll find out someday or you can just guess, that's cool too.

Now I've got a second Story called a Dance of Death.

For the awesome Artwork, all credit goes to Matthew Milne!

If you want to see more of his work, check out his Deviantart: matthewmilne on Deviantart

As for the second picture, that belongs to the talented u/Fymerr on Reddit

The Lost Son Chapter 27 Progress: 5% (7/15/2022)

A Dance of Death Chapter 1 Progress: ???

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