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General notes:

I have no intention of starting any more new stories, until I have completed my last pending story. It annoys me to no end to see authors with tons of stories in-progress and hardly any completed, so I’m going to do my best to not be a hypocrite and only stick to what I feel like I can realistically handle. Updates will likely be sporadic and dependent on how much overtime I’ve worked and how much or little my muse is working (or whatever it is that gets my brain working creatively). Some weeks I’d rather binge read and some weeks, I’m struck with ideas on where to take my stories. So now, I’m just taking it day by day.


Just uploaded chapter 29 of Dear Wizarding Britain, not sure when I'll update Muggle Adventures, but notifications are looking weird, so hopefully there's not a glitch in the system somewhere.

Dear Wizarding Britain (and the companion Muggle Adventures) - Pending:

I’m not sure what direction this story will go, but here is the general description for now:

After the death of his godfather, Harry decides he has had enough and writes a scathing letter that is published in The Daily Prophet, then leaves for his private island with Dobby and Winky. Your guess is as good as mine as to what is going to happen next.

Pairings: Harry/Daphne; Hermione/Blaise; Luna/Neville

Note: This is unrelated to my Harry and Merope series.

STORY FIVE: Harry and Merope and the Mystery of Forks - Completed:

This will be the HP/Twilight sequel that will pretty much be a stand alone, but probably best to read after reading STORIES ONE and TWO, just to get a feel for the main characters.

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I messed up the timeline a little, so while the year is 2005, it’s the last half of 2005 and not the beginning, which technically would mean it’s in the New Moon time period, so I’m just going with it rather than trying to change the year. All the characters are the same age that they would have been had I started where I should have in 2004. Hopefully that all makes sense.

General description:

Harry and Merope decide to enroll at Forks High School and eventually makes friends with the local vampires and shapeshifters.

STORY FOUR: Saving Dobby - Completed (one-shot):

As the title states, Harry and Merope arrive in time to save Dobby. I’m not expecting this story to be very long. Will not have to have read STORY TWO or THREE in order to move on to this one.

Suggestions received for a sequel/companion one-shot:

Maybe you could write about the meeting between MoD!Harry and good!Weasley for sequel?

STORY THREE: Harry and Merope Meet Percy Jackson - Completed:

General Description:

Harry and Merope stumble upon a group of kids fighting mythological monsters in the middle of New York, they’re just curious enough to invite themselves to Camp Half-Blood and are surprised to see themselves amongst a large amount of demigods, not to mention the discovery that gods to exist and are too full of themselves to claim their kids. Well, if the gods don’t want their kids, Harry and Merope are more than happy to adopt a few, or several.

STORY TWO: Harry and Merope to the Rescue - Completed (Sequel to The First Time Harry Tried to Time Travel):

General notes: Dumbledore bashing. Notes on my thoughts on Dumbledore can be found below.

Also, it seems I couldn't help myself, there is now a fair bit of Weasley bashing in this story. While I liked the Weasleys in the original stories, something that has been pointed out in many fanfics has been the way the Weasleys were introduced at Platform 9 3/4, like not knowing the platform number, despite the fact that Molly Weasley had so many children attending Hogwarts in previous years, mumbling about muggles loud enough for Harry to hear and ask for help. So while I think they were intended to be a good family, it still smells of Dumbledore manipulations...

I realize that Little Harry’s ability to understand is highly advanced for being one and a half years old, but he’s a wizard child and I felt I could take liberties with that, considering his mother was supposed to have been highly intelligent. And James Potter had to have been very intelligent, too, considering how much intelligence had to have gone into the making of the Marauder’s Map and pranks.

Also, it occurred to me that up to chapter 9/10 I had forgotten about describing the weather, as it's December at the current place in my story, there should probably be some snow or at least some really cold weather. I live in a predominantly warm area that rarely snows, so the thought never crossed my mind until this moment. I will attempt to be more mindful of that. - 8/27/2020 - I've still not been mindful of that, so I'm sorry.

If y'all haven't noticed, and maybe you have but don't care, I don't write a lot about the description of the places surrounding the characters, but that is more or less because I personally usually skip through those types of descriptions when I'm reading stories. Maybe it's because I don't typically care what colors the walls are or if the furniture looks opulent or whatnot. When it comes to the descriptions of Hogwarts, the Leaky Cauldron, Godric's Hollow, or really any other established location in the wizarding world, if you don't know what they are supposed to look like or you're new to fanfiction and you really want to read the descriptions, just google them.

Lordships - Probably not going to be a major factor in this series, but it's possible it will come up in the sub-series or future sequels of the series.

DECISION REGARDING THE SUB-SERIES: Okay. I'm probably not going to start on the sub-series that is focused on Little Harry/Talon right away, but when I do, it's going to all be complied together in one story, but will be more like a series of one-shots and not one long continuous story. The time I put into it will likely depend on the kind of feedback and interest that I get for it.

STORY ONE: The First Time Harry Tried to Time Travel - Completed:

I wrote this mostly by using my iPad, but used my computer towards some of the later chapters. I had a basic idea that I was running with and it was made up chapter-by-chapter with absolutely no outline to follow.

I confess to the fact that I have only read Harry Potter Books 1-7 (and the movies); I have not read The Cursed Child, nor have I seen any of the Fantastic Beasts movies, so my knowledge of Grindelwald is based on the original series and what I could find on Google.

I have never traveled outside of the USA, therefore, anything I know about England (or anywhere else) comes from books, movies, and the internet. Google was not my friend while I was looking up the names of some of the places/shops that would have been around in the 1920s, so I've just decided to be very generic about their locations and just make up the name of the place, should I find that it works better with the story. I did try to be historically accurate with what I could find on Google, but I just wanted to make that small disclaimer about inaccuracies in the muggle world that won't matter overall to the plot of the story.

I realized after I uploaded that every mention of St. Mungo's, I had forgotten the stinkin' apostrophe, by then it was too late for me to be bothered by correcting the apostrophe.

Everything I've learned about Grindelwald has been through Google and what I found on the Harry Potter Fandom Wiki. Also, based on other things I was able to find using Google, the time period I've set this story in is before the events of Fantastic Beasts, so I couldn't really even make that good of an attempt to stick with cannon for him. According to the Wiki, he did not treat his followers the way LV did, and he would not have had them call him master. So I've gone with the notion that Grindelwald is a kinder, but misguided dark lord and as we saw at the end of DH, he did have the capacity to change, so that was another reason for going the direction I did.

Also, I forgot to give credit to reviewer Kilare T’suna for the reincarnation, sort of, idea with Edward/Tom.

General notes about me:

I started my fanfic journey sometime in 2016 being a firm Hinny shipper, but so far I have found only pottermum, Epeefencer, and gryffindormischief can do that pairing justice and write Ginny the way she was meant to be. I'm not a huge Dramione fan, but I have read a few of those that I have enjoyed. I like some Harmony fics. I seem to have exhausted all the good Hinny stories and and started reading Drarry stories and enjoyed most of those. I have found some Snarry stories that I actually liked, but I don’t expect that to become a favorite pairing anytime soon (I like parental Snape better), shockingly I can like a HP/TR/LV pairing more than I can a Snarry - not sure why. I’ve also enjoyed pairings with HP/Daphne and HP/Susan and many HP/OMC. I’ve recently read a few HP/Bill and HP/Charlie stories that were fairly decent.

I’m basically just Harry Potter fan all around and try to not get hung up on whether it’s a traditional pairing or a slash pairing, as long as the plot to the story is decent. I’m doubtful that I’ll ever write a story with a slash pairing, but I’m no longer going to rule it out, but I might create a separate account if I choose to do that in the future.

I don’t have a beta reader, nor have I signed up to be a beta reader yet, but I’m considering it.

My thoughts on Dumbledore:

I loved his character and even cried when he died when I was first reading the stories, and even still loved him after the end of DH. However, after years of reading fanfiction and starting to analyze his character more with every fanfic that I consumed, well, I've changed my view of him. Perhaps he meant well, but the fact that he raised Harry as a lamb (or pig) for slaughter and didn't even have the decency to tell him? Well, that just didn't sit right with me. And the fact that if Harry hadn't have just happened upon Snape at the moment of his death? Well, that just leaves things too up for chance. What would have happened if Harry wasn't there when Snape died and was unable to get his memories? Well, that might be a story to explore one day.


For one thing, I’m not a big TV watcher unless it’s a movie that was a book that I had previously read first, but since they normally butcher the books when they make movies I usually end up really disappointed.

Below are the suggestions or mentions that I’ve received in reviews or messages regarding crossovers.

Twilight - I’ve got one crossover completed.

Percy Jackson - Have one one completed and I may decide on more afterwards.

MCU - I might be open to doing something with the Avengers, that’s one of the rare movies that I’ll sit through whenever they’re on TV.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I never watched it enough to become a fan. I’ve probably seen one or two full episodes and a handful of clips. I’ll take it into consideration for the future.

Supernatural - my sister likes this series, but I’ve only sat down and watched one episode with her, it may be a possibility in the future, but not the immediate future.

Once Upon a Time -I started watching this series on Netflix a few years ago. I got a little angry when nearly every episode ended on a cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers. So I stopped watching it because I felt overwhelmed that there were so many episodes to go through before I would ever reach a conclusion. Not sure if this is one I’ll ever try to do a crossover for, but I won’t rule it out entirely.

Constantine - I have no idea what it is, I’ll have to do a Google search. — Looks like something I’d have to buy or rent to watch, and based on the preview I just saw, it’s not something my husband would sit through with me.

Stargate- I’ve read a few crossovers with HP/Stargate, but that is the extent of my Stargate knowledge. I’m not a huge sci-fi fan, so I’ve never seen it. I won’t rule it out entirely, but don’t think I’ll be able to do justice to its characters.

The Walking Dead - This is not a show that I’ve ever gotten into. Two of my sisters love the show, but it’s not something that I’ve ever been intrigued by, so I doubt this is a series that I’m ever going to do a crossover with.

The Witcher - It’s been suggested to me, but I have yet to sit and watch it, so if I do a crossover, it will be well into the future.

Merlin - Has possibilities, but if or when I do it, it will likely just be based on a generalized Merlin and not in relation to the Merlin series.

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