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Since I joined this website in January 2017, I have written several stories within the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys universe and you probably will only see me write within it. I have been a fan of the 1980s/90s versions of the characters since I was a kid (I literally grew up reading the books as they were produced...man I feel old!). One of the very first young adult novels I read was Nancy Drew Files #5 and it literally propelled me into a world that I could never imagine. That book alone gave me the passion to read and eventually to write down ideas and stories. Later on, I read my first Supermystery and I have been hooked on the adventures of Nancy, Frank, and Joe ever since, hence the reason why I have the three of them interact so much. I actually still have my collection of Supermysteries though 3 of them have mysteriously disappeared over the course of 20 or so years of moving from place to place and from one state to another. I have also been expanding my ND Files whenever I can find a book I don't have (don't ask how many I have because I honestly don't know at the moment). I don't think of myself as a super freak on the books but I do consider myself an old geek of sorts since I also love other large series of books as well (Harry and Hermione should have been together damnit!). I'm mainly collecting them now for my two daughters who I hope at least one of them will share my love of books. My oldest is reader but doesn't like to read (go figure) while my little one is starting to look at book without ripping them apart so I have a few years left before they're ready to read the Nancy Drew books.

As for the characters themselves within my own stories, they will be changed; they will have different personalities. But then again, that is the beauty of writing fan fiction. You can change the story and characters to your own liking but still stay somewhat true to the original canon. Sadly, for those of you who are fans of Ned, I am definitely not one (always felt he was a bit stale in the books). However, I will try to write stories that show him in a better light than what I have done so far though I cannot fully promise that he will be in any story that I write. If you really like him, you might not want to read the Revelations Trilogy. And yes, I am a Frank/Nancy shipper (sorry!) the majority of the time. I just feel that the two of them were a better match though Ned does balance out Nancy at times.

Thank you for reading a little snippet from my life. I hope I didn't bore you too much. The responses that I have been receiving for my work have given me more confidence to continue writing. Hopefully in the near future, my own original ideas and characters will be put down on paper as a published work (yes, I do have something that I have been working on for quite some time). This has been an amazing journey so far and I hope that you continue on with me!

"It's not about the ending, it's about the journey." - the wise words of Lex Luthor (Smallville)

List of Stories:

Beginnings Series:

#1 Beach Undercover

#2 All's Faire In Love and War

#3 The Ghosts of Wyvern Manor

#4 The Bridal Killer (In Progress)

#5 Best Served Cold (Coming Soon)

Revelations Trilogy:

Buried Revelations

Lost Revelations

Twisted Revelations

Revelations Series:

Trouble in Still Waters

Parental Bliss (One-Shot)

Waiting in the Wings

It's A Wonderful Life, Joe Hardy (One-Shot)

Magnolia and Wildfire Series:

Past Trangressions

Magnolia and Wildfire

Please Don't Leave Me (One-Shot)

Checkmate (One-Shot)

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