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9/4/21 - Chapter 4 of the Dead Zone has been posted.

8/24/21 - Chapter 3 of the Dead Zone has been posted. As an update, my volunteer unit was reactivated thanks to rising COVID rates so time is a little limited.

8/11/21 - Chapter 2 of the Dead Zone has been posted. Robin updates forthcoming...

8/6/21 - Chapter 84 of Eclipse has been posted. We have a discord channel as well: https: / / discord. gg / ePtwuKgE Copy that without the spaces.

8/2/21 -Dead Zone, a Harry/Luna fic, has been posted.

7/14/21 -Eclipse has been updated.

6/15/21 - Figured I'd post on here really quick since a few people messaged, but yes I will definitely still be continuing both stories on here. :) I apologize for slow updates but, like many people out there, I'm a public health worker and volunteer EMS during a worldwide pandemic, which has meant my past year has been extraordinarily busy. Like many I've lost a lot of colleagues and friends, lost family, have been sick myself with one of the more dangerous variants of it, lost vision in my right eye for awhile (it's back...kind of) and have been fighting it in the community whenever I can (ICUs, ambulance rigs, and vaccination clinics). So definitely will still be continuing the stories, but stuff has only recently calmed down a bit. Updates should hopefully begin resuming soon-ish. Emphasis on the ish. :) Rest assured though, nothing is abandoned, just 'paused' while COVID has been running amuck.

I hope all of you have been well this past year, and hopefully as unaffected by the pandemic as possible.

A huge shout out to SammyBlueGA and Nauze for beta reading these Eclipse updates. You are both awesome! (I'm still adding those edits in though...)

3/26/2018 - If you are headed here from HPFF or from elsewhere, you have found the right place! This is the same firefawn from HPFF, and I am finally finishing Eclipse of the Sky. (I felt terribly guilty about leaving it for so long.)

So yeah, I am back! (Over a decade later...)

All of these were originally posted at Harry Potter Fan , and my main story, Eclipse of the Sky, had the privilege of being the site's Number 1 story until late November of 2005. It was still in the Top 10 back in 2013, even when I was on a sabbatical from writing for close to a decade, so the readers there rocked. That being said I have no clue why as that story needed a lot of work back then. I took a hacksaw to it earlier this year and rewrote those early chapters (like 200,000 words of them) and still am doing that (yes even in 2021 I am still doing that...there is a lot to rewrite). Still doing some beta-edits to those though and proofreading...be kind, I don't get paid for this stuff. :)

My other teeny one shots and stories are products of sleep deprivation. Try not to take them too seriously. I certainly don't.

On a personal note I'm an EMT, Wilderness EMT, caver, novice rock climber (emphasis on novice) and avid backpacker and that's not including my 'day job' or volunteer work with search and rescue (who needs sleep right?), so consequently my stories tend to have lots of injuries and medical junk in them as I find it totally unrealistic for characters to always escape unscathed from things. They also all tend to be M rated for later chapters. You have been warned...

I welcome (in fact I encourage) constructive criticism and reviews. Anything that helps me become a better writer I love. Unnecessarily nasty critiques I just find ridiculous. Honestly if someone can't leave a polite constructive critique and feels like they need to be snarky to some stranger on the internet I consider it a mark of a low IQ or flat out rage issues...there's absolutely no reason we can't all be polite and helpful to one another after all. There is no honor in being a jerk. I've seen one too many new writers give up as a result of that, so let's try to all be better people and help one another when we see a story we don't like by offering suggestions, rather than snarling yeah? :) (I know that can be hard if a story annoys us but I believe polite comments are something we can all do, and if we can't then saying nothing is better.) Figured I'd post this PSA here, since I've seen this happen to one too many people and experienced it myself.

On an aside, if you'd like a constructive critique of your story from someone who is going to be polite and rational about it, I'm happy to do so. Send me a PM. :) But please, please do not let hateful people destroy your love of writing, or your motivation to improve. None of us start off good, after all (myself sure as heck included in that statement as the unwritten chapters of Eclipse attest to). I'll get off my soapbox here, but I feel like this needed to be said since too many people have told me how they've been discouraged from posting on here and I hate to see that happen. They were good writers, and it's a shame they stopped writing because of the imbeciles of the internet.

Story Updates 8/9/21


My favorite of the stories I write. This one will get the most frequent updates purely because I am biased and have the most fun writing it.

Dead Zone

This is a side project to Eclipse so Ill be updating this from time to time. It is a Luna/Harry story that is post Hogwarts, following Harry as an adult. He is an ex-Auror and life has not quite gone the way he'd hoped. Now he's been called to the dumping grounds of multiple bodies, and has to do what he can to find who did it.

Eat Your Heart Out Robin Hood

This is another side project to Eclipse that Ill be updating this from time to time. Daphne is, for all intents and purposes an OC, and since OCs are challenging to write this ship (Harry/Daphne) naturally appeals to me. Chapter 6 is in progress (yes still in progress...haven't been able to touch this one unfortunately for awhile due to work and things).

Welcome to My Litter Box

Completed. Shall proofread in the near future.

The Other Stuff

I honestly have no idea what I was thinking with those. I'm horrified and leave them up mostly to horrify myself at how bad I was at writing originally. Blame my 18 year old self.

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