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"As of 0300 today we are in a state of war with the nation of Uzbekistan. Unfortunately, Rick here has thus far been unable to locate the hostile nation on our maps, so we're having quite a bit of difficulty informing them of this state of events. Rest assured, as soon as we ascertain the location of the enemy - we shall commence bombing the crap out of them. Thank you, and God Bless America."

"I'm an American male in his mid-twenties without Ryan Seacrest hair - I'm practically an endangered species."

Story Info *

- Becoming John Connor -

Until I figure out why Fan fiction seems determined to destroy my links, you'll all have to manually access the CHARACTER PAGE I've got at New Character Page

If this helps you, make sure to send a shout out to my beta BigBew who put it together for me.

When I write a story with OCs, I like to 'cast' the parts before I begin to streamline my writing and provide a template to work with. One of the reasons people like fanfiction is that, unlike reading most books, you have clear pictures of most of the characters and settings in your mind. So, in that spirit, and because I've had a number of requests, I've decided to post my cast list for the OCs in BJC so you can 'see' the characters when you read it.

New Character

Captain Stacey Beaumonde- Tank Platoon Commander

Corporal Michael Chang- Tank Gunner

Sergeant Daniel Embry - Tank Commander

Captain Jonathan Richards- SAS

Lieutenant Matilda James - British Military

Airman First Class Stephanie Phillips

Resistance Soldiers (Future)

Nano-enhanced Sarah Connor

Major Darla Cole - Covert Ops. John's XO.

Lt. Mike 'Huey' Hendrix - Was Connor's personal pilot in the future.

Pvt. Dooley Carmack - Demolitions

Pvt. Claudia Coons - Communications

Pvt. Amanda O'Brien - Scout Sniper

Sgt. Willis Reed - South African, Platoon Sgt.

Cpl. Rachel Lorne - Canadian, Rifleman

Spec. Lucas Austin - Slicer/Field Engineer

Bad Guys

Pezevenk Sarkissian

Cameron's wedding ring

John and Cole's tattoo

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