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'Ello there! Greetings and Salutations.

I'm Lil'Sparrow, obviously, and I am a devour er of all things written.

Below in my FAVS are all the Fanfic's I've deemed worthy of my feels.

In my Favorites you may find stories that have elements that aren't appropriate for below 16-18. (Blood, gore, torture. Extensive descriptions. Triggers. Rape. Etc.) Please be wary.

Disclaimer: If a story has smut or foul language I tend to skim, rapidly, passed said subject. (Eat the watermelon, spit out the seeds.) So . . . Yeah, I tend to skip a lot once kissing and cuddles turns smutty. Or when the language starts to resemble a sewer stream.


Jesus loves you! I love you. For realses.

"You are what you read." Frank--You've Got Mail.

Dear Wildheart.

Remember me? It's Icefeather. Remember all our chats and our stories? You were the first person who drew me out of my shell. My first fandom friend.

You wrote a story. A Warriors fanfiction on the Erin Hunter site. About Ravenpaw and cats coming together to follow the clans to the lake.

I was enchanted by the story and created a side story with my own OCs.

Funny, it's been so long I've forgotten my cat's names . . . Dewpelt? Hmmm . . .

You added my story as part of cannon to your own and we soon became co-authors of your own story. I was shocked and in awe. It meant a lot then, and still does.

You know? That OC backstory was the first work I ever finished. You impacted my life, Wildheart.

I hope one day we will meet again.

'Till then. ~Icefeather/Lil'Sparrow.

I'm also on AO3! Finally. Under the username LittleOwlet.

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