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kamp, a recently graduated college student healing from a broken fifth metatarcel, has been busy trying to scrap together a life thatno longer includescarousing with friends, drinking smirnoff triple black, or smoking ciagarettes as an informal protest against hypocritical do-gooders.

i don't really have many fanfic stories up. sometimes, it seems that writing was something i did in a past life. so all my stories are from a few years ago. there aren't that many. but going through my old stories has helped get my creative juices going. furthermore, my muse is now intrigued enough to actually work.

Black On Blue: SpikeAngel with a tiny bit of Buffy. Spike is looking for a fight. But can he win it? Implications of the line: "Don't you ever get tired of fights you know you're going to win?" One-shot.

The Call; or the Rules to Engagement: SpikeAngel. Spike's obsession with the Slayer becomes increasingly dangerous as he looks to past relationships on how to proceed. Buffy, unable and unwilling to deal with him, calls Angel to take care of it. Incomplete.

What's Best: SpikeAngel with AngelBuffy references. Angel reacts to Spike's presence in Sunnydale. Takes place after the Initiative and during the Glorificus story arc. Complete.

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