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Hello there!!

Normally I would start by giving you my name, but doing so seems really unimportant. I LOVE reading and writing. I want to be a published writer sometime in the future. Right now I'm working on a project beyond the realm of FF hopefully I'll finish writing it at some point.

I write because there is something so amazing about being able to reach other people and helping them out in some small way. I like to think that at the very least when people read what I write they'll relax and have fun for a little while. I love sushi, cats and good books.

I write about impossible love. Perhaps because my personal love live is none existent.

Unimportant facts about me:

My favorite flowers are roses, all colors except yellow ones.

I know a little bit of German.

I got a tumbler only to interact with other Tom Hiddleston fans. All of my friends think I'm crazy for thinking he is cute T.T

I've got a twitter @GlimmeringDream someone already had ShimmeringWater T.T Add me to hear from updates to my fics :D



P. S. I'd love hearing from you if anyone ever needs someone to listen, write to me I will.

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