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Joined Jan '17

Ive had an account on here once before, but i will not be moving my stories over. The story behind my name on here is, its basically several nicknames in one. Lex Lou, Loubell, Lou Lou. This is just for me to read an write to authors. Im also on AO3 and Wattpad. If you want to find me on other sites like tumbler, which i sometimes use to vent, twitter, which i use to see whats going on with my favorite music stars and actors, or instagram, just let me know. :D

Name: Lexee


From: Toledo, Ohio, USA

AO3: @LexxxLou

Wattpad: @Markosgirl

Twitter: @LexxxePaige

Instagram: @Loubug419

Tumbler: @Loubellrose

Second : @LoubellRose

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