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Hi, my name is Alexandra Elf, formerly known as Jelliclesongs123.

I sometimes review under the names of A. Elf and Jelliclemelodies

I am in love with Cats the Musical (read OBSESSED)

I am also in love with Hamilton (I know every single lyric including "Guns and Ships")

I AM ON WRITING HIATUS DUE TO LACK OF INSPIRATION AND LACK OF TIME. (I'm starting school soon and it's really taking a lot of time out of writing. )

anyway, random facts about me:

I get musical obsession every six months or so. my current ones are Hamilton and Cats

if I could play any part in my obsessions, I'd play either Angelica, Alexander Hamilton, or Eliza in Hamilton, and Munkustrap, Demeter, Jemima/Sillabub, or Mistoffelees in Cats.

I have a fangirl crush on guys who've been dead for 200 years (Philip Hamilton, John Laurens, and Alexander Hamilton) and on a cat. (Misto

My favorite books are anything by Rick Riordan, the Redwall series, and anything else I can get my hands on.

my hobbies are reading, writing, musicals, and anything to do with yarn.

I have tricked people from Texas into thinking I was British.

I'm a really good mimic. and I sing in my sleep.

You can also find Victoria's Little Dancer here because she and I share the same account.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to CATS or any other musicals that I reference. The credit goes to the amazing authors and musicians who created the songs and Andrew Lloyd Webber for CATS. The only things I do own are my OC and the plot. Everything is based on my head canon. Please don't sue me if this doesn’t agree with your own canon!

yea, that's about it. please read and review my stuff because they remind me that there are people out there who like what I'm writing and support it. they are a real confidence booster.

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