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If you made it to my profile, that must mean you like at least one of my stories. At the moment, I'm only interested in writing Gilmore Girls fan fiction. The revival left me so sad a the state of things that I had a need to reimagine endings and come to grips with AYITL. It made me reimagine some of the original series as well. While I seriously admire ASP, I feel like she assaulted my generation (Millennial) and basically told us we're incapable of being anything more than our parents and that we're just spoiled kids who are too young for the number on our ID cards.

I'd like to think that while those people exist in every generation, it does not define ours. We've spearheaded social change and acceptance, brought attention to the environment and have been some of the youngest entrepreneurs and innovators in history.

Anyway, that's what's spurred me into my recent interest and where I've found comfort in so many of your stories. I am not shy to comment on your stories if I find them captivating. If I offer you a comment and it has a constructive suggestion, please know it's only because I think you have a great work in progress. Feel free to write me back if you want more clarity from me or to tell me my idea is dumb. I won't be offended if you don't heed my advice and I would be honored if you would return the favor. Everyone is prone to mistakes when writing late night on their free time.

Cheers to making us all better and giving some resolution to the stories that we loved but needed more closure on!

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