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I'm gonna tell you the only things I can think about at the moment.

Name: Not comfortable to give out my real name yet so StephanieFan or SF is fine.

Gender: Female

Fav Authors: JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Bisco Hatori, CLAMP, Carolyn Meyer

Fav Anime: Ouran High School Host Club, Tsubasa Chronicle, Card Captor Sakura, Ultra Maniac, Pita Ten

Fav TV Shows: Full House, Jyoou no Kyoushitsu (JDrama), Virtues Of Harmony (Chinese Cantonese), Journey To The West (Chinese Cantonese), Full House (KDrama), Hana-Kimi (TDrama), 1 Litre Of Tears (JDrama)

They're in no particular order. I just typed as they came to my brain since it's been shut down for a while...-_-

Anyone Reading "Stephanie's Rule": There's not much time now to write. I'm pretty sad about that...but yea, like I said before, I no longer have my documents for my previous chapter. Ideas for the designs of gowns worn by the characters are VERY appreciated and I will make sure you get the credit for everything you help me with!

Stats Report!

"My Twin Girls?" : 1932 Hits

"Stephanie's Rule" : 1732 Hits

"Relaxing Vacation" : 1221 Hits

"Most Wonderful Time" : 1139 Hits

"Peaceful And Painless" : 536 Hits

This is so you'll get some recomindation on which fics you might wanna read. I'm surprised "My Twin Girls?" got so many hits. I know I probably sound like an idiot saying that but to me it really is a big accomplishment to me especially since my stories aren't popular. Although sometimes the number of hits can be decieving. "Peaceful And Painless" may have the least hits but I get good reviews from it and I continue writing regardless as long as people are actually reading it...otherwise I'm writing for no reason.

Even though I have a lot of favorites, I rarely write stuff about them cause the really good characters are hard to keep in character and I'm still not up the that level yet. I'm still learning and trying to improve. So forgive me for using the same words over and over again cause we'll all learn someday but I'm not a pro.

Thank you all who have reviewed and read my stories and giving me advice when I did something wrong or had writer's block!

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