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Ok guys I'm not going to post any personal information for now but I'm going to use this section of my profile to put down my current story ideas. It'll take me a while to get to these stories so if any one of you want to take a shot at them go right ahead. Id appreciate a shout out but its not neccassary. If you breach 100k ill probably be reading it anyway so all's good.

Without further ado ill start the list

Remnants Hunter: RWBY/Bloodborne crossover. Bloodborne character is transported to the world of remnant and has to survive in a new and surprisingly familiar world. After all monsters aren't so different even in a new world. First idea is one which I have seen before but the story got abandoned. I've got several thoughts on how to improve the story and add extra depth to the Crossover character. My idea was to have the main character becoming a old one but suddenly waking up in remnant unable to understand his divine memories but knowing the basics of the new world he found himself living in. But once again ill get to it later. Anyone wanting to take this up will receive my gratitude. Been looking for decent stories with this crossover for ages.

Crafting the Grimm Bestiery: Witcher/RWBY crossover. Geralt of rivia has died. However the interference of Ciri causes him to be reborn in a new world. Thankfully theres still plenty of jobs for a Witcher in remnant. Came up with this just recently haven't seen any crossovers of this type so I'm hoping there's a lot of unexplored potential. Also toyed with the idea of Gerals being a 'Triple' Trait faunus making him ostracised even among other faunus. Traits (Eyes, Ears and tail)

Fool me once: A certain magical index story. This idea came to me when I saw the 'a certain' series recently. When I saw how powerful accelerator was which in the esper world means that your a calculating genius with university level understanding's of the three sciences, it kind of annoyed me that accelerator seemed so arrogantly stupid. I mean he was the bad guy but you would think that a guy capable of calculating all the vectors necessary to throw shit in the ten's of tons weight range would be a little smarter. Or at least try to train up after he found himself lacking in a fist fight. In this story accelerator trains himself to the ground after his fight with touma and this results in not only a stronger, but also faster and more humble character who still forges a relationship with last order and attempts to find redemption for his past evils.

Crimson Huntress: Game of thrones/RWBY story. This idea came to me a while ago. How would the sexist and superstitious world of the seven kindoms deal with a skilled killer in the form of a little girl. My eventual story will have ruby being reborn in a brutal world without her powers to aid her. Forcing the reaper of remnant to adapt a new fighting style to become a powerful warrior in a world without aura. My idea was for her to use two short swords/daggers and a bow and arrow. She should also have to fight throughout her child hood to survive in the horrible world that the almighty GRRM brought forth.

The soldier: (Sort of)Mass effect/Metal gear Solid crossover. This story is not really a cross over I just thought of how cool would it be if Shepard was just an ordinary soldier with only physical training, weapons and technology to rely on against biotic super powers and apocalyptic squids. Basically approaching the mass effect story with Metal Gear Solid gloves. Though my character would probably be trained from child hood with no modifications, being forced to fight against super soldier kids from the age of 5 having no choice but to rely on skill, tactical brilliance and sheer brutality and ruthlessness to survive eventually surpassing his enhanced cousins.

And that's all for now ill keep dumping my ideas into this page for anyone to take up. Hope that if any one takes these stories up they enjoy creating a new world with them.

New ideas

Naruto. Naruto the living weapon: I came up with this idea recently after watching the sarutobi vs orochimaru fight, especially the summoning and use of the monkey king enma. The idea is that the village council prevent Naruto from being trained in the academy so Naruto trains himself and decides to use his solid henge to fight for his village as a living shapeshifting weapon. Ive got several ideas for this story with Naruto discovering advanced skills by replacing anbu weapons with himself and absorbing their knowledge as they train. Eventually becoming a summoned weapon for tenten who Naruto would fight for as a weapon. Using his superior knowledge and skills to augment Tenten's knowledge and tactics. I think it would be a very interesting situation and with potential drama when tenten discovers the identify of her trusted tool.

Naruto. Naruto evolution of the warrior: This is a very general idea where Naruto decides to master all forms of jutsu to become the strongest individual in the world. This would also be an explanation for his weakness in the academy since he is attempting to master all forms of jutsu including genjutsu which has forced him to be unspecialised making his skills less then his clan trained compatriots. His goal would only really begin to progress after gaining the shadow clone jutsu.

DC comics/ Potential crossover. The son of Zod: What if Jor El wasn't the only one who thought about sending his son away. What if General Zod sent his own son to earth before Jor El. Only for him to be captured by scientists interested in furthering their experiments by examining the son of Zod's responses to different types of radiation including kryptonite eventually resulting in an almost immunity to the Kryptonians greatest weakness.

A certain series/DC crossover. Accelerating the DC worlds: Accelerator finds himself and last order transported into the world of the DC comics as the two are now forced to make a life in a dark gotham city with no id or records. How will the dc world deal with the accelerator when he inevitably turns to crime to support his young charge.

Star wars/Naruto crossover. The new order: Naruto finds himself reborn in the star wars universe as a unique species and an unnatural affinity to the darkside. Watch as Naruto creates a new order for the galaxy where force sensitive children can learn how to live with their abilities without giving up their families, emotions or being forced into the light vs dark war that had stretched for thousands of years. Watch as Naruto creates a force sensitive school and how he defends it from both the jedi and the sith.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Perseus Jackson Slayer of monsters: Doesn't anybody find it annoying that the monsters in the PJO series cant die and are simply reborn to hunt down children again and again. Well for this idea Percy Jackson discovers his heritage at a young age along with the reason why he must be afraid of monsters. A line about the fear of death casually stated by his mother sends Percy on a mission to find a way to permanently kill monsters. And to begin a slaughter of the creatures that had hunted his kind for all of human history. Till people like him could live in the real world without fear.

New story ideas

Yakuza Kiwami/ Naruto crossover, The honourable Yakuza: I recently played through the second Yakuza game and I cant help but think that Kiryu and his skill set would really fit in the Naruto universe. Bacically after the yakuza story line. "Only in the Naruto verse to no guns" Kiryu decides to move out of the capital of the fire kingdom with Haruka and eventually finds himself living in Konoha where his ward soon finds a friend in Naruto. When both decide to become ninja they benefit from the taijutsu mastery and spiritual knowledge of the Dragon of Dojima.

Mass effect, Siblings at war: Another one of the two shepards but with a few key twists. Both of them have gone through genetic moulding with M shep focused on physical superiority above even the Krogan and F shep focused on becoming the ultimate biotic. Mshep is older and discovers the existence of his sister through enhanced hearing. Upon discovering the scientists plans to plant a self destruct chip in F shep which thanks to his biology would be impossible with him. He busts out kills everyone and escapes with his sleeping sister. Deciding that she would be better off away from him M shep drops her off in Alliance space while he moves to omega to begin a live of technological ingenuity and mercenary work. While F shep joins the alliance when she grows up.

Crusaders of Atlas: A story idea that I came up with a little while ago. During a slight obsession with the character Reinhardt from overwatch. My idea was for Reinhardt to take part in the war against faunus in atlas many years before the RWBY volume is set. With the help of his close childhood friend Reinhardt develops crusader armor which is not only designed to amplify their individual semblances. But allow them to extend their aura shields across a wide area allowing for common foot soldiers to fight face to face with grimm. Eventually thanks to a series of events Reinhardt becomes the last crusader with the others either dead or disgraced. He accepts a job from ozpin as a tactics and warfare teacher at beacon and starts teaching from the CFVY generation onwards. The story would then go through the events of RWBY with Reinhardt's input.

The black rose: A cross over between harry potter and Game of Thrones where harry is reborn into the world as a slave child in quarth. Just to make things more difficult they are reborn as a female (whether or not harry was a girl in their past life is up to you, I'm currently undecided.) I imagin the magic system in the story as being reminiscent of darksouls with miracles based on ones faith in a higher power, magic based on ones connection to the cosmic entities and their intelligence, dark magic or hexes based off of the shadow void, pyromancy being an internal power manifested from will and necromancy being linked to cold and frost. I think it would be a cool contrast to see a female harry (renamed as you with) struggle through her life as a slave child to eventually gain freedom. Rediscover magic in the form of pyromancy and miracles eventually crafting her own catalyst and her taking part in the events of the GOT storyline.

Green eyed monster hunter. Harry potter and sort off witcher crossover. The idea I had was based off of the idea of harry potter leaving the dursleys and finding the magical world. Quickly discovering the existence of monsters and dark wizards harry decides to tap into this valuable financial resource in the form of bounties from the ministry. Harry uses potions to mutate himself to give him an edge and begins a life of hunting down the worst beasts known to wizard kind. He would use potions of his own making to create mutations and all the other tools in the witcher 3 games. With creative liberties in the form of more advanced magic skills and better gear. I would eventually have Dumbledore track harry down for his first year only for him and his most trusted friends to jump right into the middle of a monster hunt. It would be a cool way to introduce the characters to each other and prevent the dancing around thing that to many harry potter stories have in them. Its not neccassary a bad thing but its been done so much that you can predict chapters 3 through 6 on memory alone.

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