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Rose the Jigglypuff PM
Joined Jan '17

Things about me:

Birthday: July 6

Age: 16

Favorite Games: Super Smash Bros

Mains in SSB: Jigglypuff, Kirby, Lucas, Falco, Toon Link, and Isabelle

Secondaries in SSB: Pit, Roy, Peach, Fox, Link, Ness, Young Link, Pichu, and Ivysaur

Other Accounts:

Deviantart: RoseJigglypuff76

Twitter: @RJigglypuff76

Instagram: @RoseJigglypuff76

AO3: RoseJigglypuff76


Class: Bard

Skills: Draining Kiss (starting move, drains HP from enemies, and gains the stolen HP)

Rollout (rolls like a ball into an enemy, can hit 2-5 times), Pound (starting move)

Sing (puts all enemies to sleep for two turns)

Rest (can be use for healing or offensive: healing makes the user sleep for three turns and heals himself/herself whiling sleeping, for offensive the user 'sleeps' for two turns and an enemy attacks him/her, they attack back)

Pray (starting move, prays to God, this move does different good effects; heal, revive, rises attack or defence)

Starting Level: lvl 7

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