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Hey there. My name is Andromeda. I am 19 years old, and I have just finished my first year of college.

Since I wrote most of my stories when I was in 8-10th grade, I am not really happy with the way they were written, I feel that my writing style has improved and the stories posted don't reflect that, and while I like the ideas of all of my stories, I find that I can't bear to keep them up, except for In the End, which is one story that I feel I wrote well. Anyway, with that announcement, my profile information contains information on what the things I like to read in stories, and also in the stuff I liked to write.

Favorite Pairings

Harry (in no particular order)

Harry/Susan or Hannah
Harry/Slytherin Girl (Daphne & Pansy)
Harry/Gryffindor Chaser (the 1st-5th year team)
and finally Harry/Ginny or Harry/Hermione can be tolerable in some stories.




Hermione/Weasley Twins
Lily Luna/Scorpius
Ginny/Tom (but only if Harry is still involved in the story, and not on the opposite side)

Slash really isn't my thing, I'll read it if it stays in the background, and if the author of the story doesn't suddenly change every character so they're gay. The exception for this is Albus Dumbledore, since he is gay, but since I don't read (or write) stories that are primarily about him, this is really a moot point. Besides that, there are a few pairings that I cannot stand and they are: Ron/Hermione (I don't know how arguing equals true love, and why someone so driven could go for some one so lazy, besides Ron's generally a prick), Harry/Ginny (I think she looks too much like his mother and she really comes out of nowhere, I expected it after the second book, but there's no build up, she's suddenly there and right when they talk about love potions too... but done right, I actually quite enjoy this pairing), and Snape/anyone (I like Snape, sometimes, but I just can't see him paired with anyone).

I like stories where Harry is dark, where Sirius actually had his families beliefs, when Sirius raised Harry (godfather or father), Slytherin!Harry stories, and the occasional female!Harry stories. I like independent stories, and betrayals, resorting, on Voldemort's side, neutral Harry stories, etc.

Story Currently In The Works

And Destiny Was Changed- Harry James Potter was never born, in his place was born a tiny baby girl who would become known as Helaina Lilee Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived. What effect would this one change have on the world?
Reworking the Future
- It has the same basic premise as And Destiny Was Changed, but in this story, things go terribly wrong, and Harry (female name undecided) must go back in time to stop Tom Riddle from ever becoming Lord Voldemort.
Written in the Stars
When it came to that fateful meeting at Madame Malkin's, destiny's very course was altered as two boys struck up a friendship. This is the story of a friendship few wanted to happen, the story of a friendship that would change the Wizarding World forever.
Flawed Perceptions- Little Harry Potter was sent off to the Dursley's so that he could be molded into the perfect half-blooded Boy-Who-Lived. But things aren't as they appear, and Harry has an ally no one expected him to have. His past has been clouded over, and even now his mother's secret threatens to change everything. One man wants it hidden, and he will stop at nothing to have Harry at his side. Dark and Light have been skewed and Fate's mistake is the cause of all that has happened. Will everything be set right, or is the Wizarding World doomed to fall?
Harry James Slytherin- Little Harry never knew the Dursley's, not minutes after being dropped off on their doorstep, he disappeared into an era long past and reappeared in the arms of the father figure certain people never wanted him to have.
Uniting Hogwarts- A prophecy was made long ago foretelling the time when the breach of the Founder's could finally be healed. Follow the Marauder's and Co. in an adventure never before seen as they are split from the beginning and told to fight for their right to remain friends as if their life depends on it... for if they cannot stay together and unite Hogwarts, all are doomed to fall.

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