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I'm sure it'll come out in the stories I write, but a small point about the wizarding world that gets my goat more than it should: it's really, really ridiculous when people write stories about a full-blown wizarding aristocracy, where people trade blows over social status, obsess over titles, and so on, for one simple reason: there are, at the most generous estimate of 160 pupils per year at Hogwarts, a max of 20,000 wizards in the UK. And there are more than 500 actual towns in the UK with more people than that! The consequence of which, above all else, is that the concept of a full-blown aristocracy becomes even more ridiculous than it is in the actual UK. People write about the wizarding world as this arcane world of high politics and warring families; in fact, it'd be better to characterise it as arguments over the tea fund in the world's most ludicrously over-funded village council in a town where everyone gets a gun. Which is a good setting for stories in its own way; but, well, I doubt that Stubbington town council (Population: 24,000) can muster half the array of local dignitaries, let alone the degree of pretention which characterises some of those "Most ancient and noble" fics.

Also, down with the aristocracy, the people united will never be defeated, and all that jazz.

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