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First things first: I only leave signed reviews. If you have an unsigned review which gives the impression that it's from me, it isn't - people can type anything they like into the "review as" box when they're posting anonymously. (If you're really sure it was from me, please let me know as glitches happen. I'll tell you whether I wrote it or not and I'll happily repost my review signed in if you want, if it was me.)

Back to the old profile...

Wow, it is a very long time since I updated this!

I'm now a rather more established fanfic writer. Still the same two fandoms - and I've also combined the two in a couple of crossovers. In my mind's eye, both exist in the same universe, so while there's no crossover material in the vast majority of my stories, the events of the crossover stories have happened in them.

I've been writing Battle of the Planets fanfic since the late 1970s, and Thunderbirds fanfic since the mid 2000s. The TB fanfic has all always been on this site. The BotP fanfic hasn't, but I'm gradually moving it here in batches, which is why I occasionally look like the fastest writer on the planet rather than the slowest...

Since we've been having a discussion on trigger warnings over at Writer's Anonymous, let me say one thing:

You should be aware that I consider my stories to have a target audience of fellow adults - they do not follow the original canon's "everyone's fine, kids" ethos. People die and get seriously hurt in them. Bad things happen to good people. Characters take huge risks on a regular basis and sometimes things go wrong. If you expect to be told up front exactly when this will happen and to whom, I recommend you try a different writer's stories.

Conversely, if you have a very specific trigger, feel free to PM me and I will tell you whether my stories contain it.

I love reviews - please tell me what you think. Comments on what didn't work for you are just as welcome as nice stuff.

And if you're looking here because I left you a review, please read the line above again. I love to get comments on what isn't quite right about my story. I believe that a story can be good without being "good enough". I don't think pointing out errors or making suggestions for improvement is an insult. I also write original fiction, and my dream fanfic review is the sort of critique that you'd get at, say, absolutewrite.

And when I see a story I love, I'll often leave it the sort of review that I'd like to get if I'd written it. This works, this doesn't work. Though probably not full critique length.

I've been told that this sort of review can be so upsetting to some people that it makes them cry.

If I've done this to you, then I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, I simply assumed that you have the same attitude to writing that I have, and I was wrong. It doesn't mean I hate your story, it means it inspired me. And it certainly doesn't mean I hate you, or think I'm better than you, or want you to stop writing. And you don't need to worry about me upsetting you again. Unless I get a positive response, I'll never do it twice.

And...things change, at least somewhat. If you look at my review pages, you'll see some delightful recent entries. No, I won't be deleting them.

This is what happens when you tell someone that they need to take down their plagiarised story, they ignore you, and then site management takes their entire account down for them. It is, of course, all your fault.

It's also, sadly, what happens when someone decides that they're going to pigeonhole all TB writers into "people who I praise" and "people who I'm unpleasant to". Because it's completely impossible that anyone could ever read and enjoy both well-written traditional TV-verse Thunderbirds stories and well-written Thunderbirds stories which don't fit that profile... or that anyone could possibly enjoy a story they've read based on how good it is rather than who wrote it.

I'd like to think I do both. I'm sure lots of other TB readers and writers also do both. But I do think it's important that writers are aware of the type of anonymous little presents that this person gives out, so they know that it has nothing to do with their writing, but is based on things like where else their fanfic is archived, or who their beta-reader is.

More recent entries? These are from followers of an extremely explicit story, whose author thinks that it's fine to just put "MA" in the summary so only adults will read it.

I was particularly amused by the one where the reviewer is shocked that an adult would even write fanfic. Yup, that's right - the children reading adult material by and for adults on here assume what they're reading was written by another child for children.

I have been given some advice:

"Perhaps you should conduct yourself appropriately when you speak to others"

"in this case it reflects badly upon yourself because it's in response to something you did."

Perhaps your definition of "conducting yourself appropriately" involves condoning stealing someone else's writing or being bullied into choosing a beta they approve of? Or was it that I was short with the "Christian" troll in the forums a few hours ago, spoiling their fun when they'd barely got started?

The anonymous reviews stay.

With one exception. I have no interest in enabling people who use the guest review facility to comment on forum posts I've made. Your comments are deleted unread and unconsidered. If you want me (or anyone else, BotP is a minute fandom and it's vanishingly unlikely that anyone is looking at my review page on any given day) to read them, put on your big girl panties, make an account, and post in the forum.

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