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Please visist my Website. It is a companion to my C2: it is at http:// and has moved since quite some time from http:///macgate/index.htm to it but I have forgotten to update my profile.


Sadly I am not a writer but I love to read the work from them with the talent for it. My talent is in other things like in painiting pictures.

I mostly read Ranma 1/2 and Stargate fanfics, but I sometimes read Tenchi Muyo, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica (the old series), Star Wars, Voyager and Smallville fanfictions too and I don't care if it ship, slash, AU or a crossover.

I am not very fond of the Akane/Ranma pairing (Ranma 1/2) or the Sam/Jack (Stargate SG 1) but if the story is good enough I will read it and enjoy it.

Ah, and I am a irish/german girl/woman/female in her twenties. I get often mistaken for male because of my account/penname or internetid which is Rignach (aka Rionach). Probably because a lot of people think that Rignach sounds male or something like that. Don't really know why.

Rignach/Rionach are irish female names. Rionach - (REE-uh-nak) from Old Irish name Rignach "queenly or royal". Derived from Irish ríoghan meaning "queen". There are two irish saints of the name: St. Rignach whose feast-day is 18 December and St. Rignach, sister of St. Finnen of Clonard, whose feast-day is 9 February. There was another Rignach, Queen Rignach, according to tradition and myth, was the wife of the Irish king Niall and the mother of the early warriors Conall and Eogan and thus was the legendary ancestor of the MacLoughlins, O'Donnells, O'Gallaghers, O'Gormleys, and O'Neills. Other forms are Rioghnach, Riona.

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