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hey hey, I like to write!!

Please contact me if you want to talk about character/world meta because I love talking about meta!

character sketches, previews, q/a, ...memes, prattling, etc.

/users/emocean — side stories, extras, etc.

info bank; wips, works, update dates, etc.

Works In Progress:


Supporting Hashira - High priority. Plotted and being written.

A rewrite. You may have read the original already, and if not, then a lot is changed for this version so you haven't missed out! We wear our mistakes on our shoulders in this house, but our successes are due to outshine them all. (She used to only be a fan like you, but then she took a pillar to the knee.) Reincarnated OC.

If The Moon Shined - Low Priority. Being plotted.

Concept: What if Hinata Hyuga was driven by more than her love her Naruto? What if her kindness didn't "hold her back" and instead worked in her favor? What if Kurenai's help helped her? What if... she canonically won a 1v1? She's the "Byakugan Princess", and if she hadn't gone easy on her sister, she'd have remained heiress; unfortunately, she hasn't been given much to show for this. Have you seen The Last? It showed great potential for her that was dropped immediately afterwards...Kishimoto has said himself that he couldn't write girls well, so here comes the cavalry! Hinata deserves justice where her feelings aren't disregarded or invalidated for the the sake of making her "hard" or "strong". Love and kindness isn't weakness… if only that'd been executed properly in her.

The Fallen Naruto Shippuden: Lore - Low priority. Erratic — Being plotted and being written.

This is to clear my mind, more than anything. It's not a serious or consistent "story", and there's a lot of meta in existence so actually it'll probably never be done. It's just a projection of me ranting, actually. When plotting stories, from the Founding Era (Hashirama's generation) to the Peace Era (Boruto's generation), writers—or maybe just me, I can't be sure—can find themselves stunted by the characters and some of their nonsensical actions. Or their untimely and unfair deaths. Or their bad decisions.

So here's a loose introspection on Naruto and all that concerns the series, brought to you by the characters who'd know the ways and wiles of the world better than everybody else! — They'd lived through the brunt of it and invented the modern system! (Excluding Izuna, who, in fact, died. But he's alive here because, well… he deserves it since he'd been right about what'd become of his clan if they joined the Senju to form a village, but no one listened, even Madara listened too late, then Fugaku tried to listen when it was way too late, and now look. Danzo, Tobirama, and whoever else passively or actively had it out for the Uchiha—they got their way. They're all dead now, anyway, so uh—)

Very low priority, sorry to anyone who likes it lol. I have other stories (that are actually stories) to worry about. Updates will potentially be erratic as I come to new revelations or am inspired by new meta I read. May (will*) be slightly (super*) opinionated. Love me my good headcanons, y'all. Credit will be given where credit is due.

Disclaimer: *I'm not an anti-SasuSaku/NaruHina, and I love all four characters involved in the ships (and am kind of grudgingly fond of the three characters brought about by them) but the flaws in them are seriously going to get castigated.

etc. On carrd!

My Hero Academia

Wildflowers - Middling priority. Plotted and being written.

This is a Fantasy AU centered around Todoroki and Bakugou.

Another Run - Low priority. Plotted and being written.

Based upon another work. Check out my carrd for a sneak peek!

etc. On carrd!


Platinum Bullets - Low priority. Concept.

Actually, the character's already created and all, and the introduction that fleshes her out is all written as well. This would just be her arc in the overall story, it would most likely follow and abide by the canon universe—and would be more of a spin-off than anything else, if only so that I can resist the urge to follow up on all the ripples of the butterfly effect that would exist if it altered anything. Still, I have a great urge to write it… one day. Her name is Hakkinchi, and her goal is to return to the home made for her when she was younger. I wonder if she'll make it. If someone told you that this was also an excuse to write KamuiOC, I'd have no means of denying it.

(also!! write on my wall…!! /emocean)

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