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I'm new to fan fictions, so I am welcome to tips and criticisms.

Important note for self, for when I get out of touch with writing due to not writing for long periods of time. Don't forget the main questions who, what, when, where, why, and how. Remember Intros, and conclusions, can make or break a story. Let the story flow after the intro. Thinking of a chapters name, can help you decide your stories path easier.

Things on fanfictions that should be addressed:

Important rule for all crossovers: Remember when you push against the world, the world pushes back.

Respect the source material, avoid OOC as much as possible. If you must change a character he better go threw proper character growth.

Their are events in a story that have been planned by a villain or couple of villains years in advance that make them hard to change, but more often than not it was done in the moment. I've read wayyy to many stories where the author tries to force another character into the same situation, but it's obvious to us readers that, that situation was impossible because the character would have A)prevented it or B) Done something so different from the original character that it would offset the plot. So when writing a character that will without change the world, let him. The whole point of a crossover is to see how another character reacts to a different environment and vise-versa. Trying to force the character into the plot, usually just comes out with the character sounding OOC.

About pokemon betrayal fics. DA F*CK. You don't need to do that, introducing a little dark themes to a kid series in order to make it more mature is fine, but completely disregarding the established story to do so just makes it annoying. If you gotta make a betrayal story, make it believable, and for series with friendship being a main theme, that is particularly hard. Do something else besides, betrayal fics like: abuse(pokemon or other), War, Familial issues, child abandonment, macabre like story(ghost pokemon), etc. On harry potter time travel fics. Be creative. The thing about this trope is that I actually like it. Introducing time travel always makes a story more interesting, but the story takes place in a magic based universe, get creative with that somehow. Ex: The Veil(for time-travel and/or parallel world. Seriously it's so easy i'm confused how no one has used this yet), Merlin machinations, The Sands of time, etc. Also if you want to use lockets in the harry potter universe, if you have to explain it let's call it time-imprinting or something, as under multi-verse theory which is popular, time travel just doesn't work like that, if it was time travel. (feel free to ignore this one. just a rant.) On dungeon ni deai wo motomeru title. Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? YES. YES IT IS. This note isn't about the fictions about it, but rather the title itself. It's just always annoyed me, and I just had to say it. Of course it's wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon, it's wrong to pick up girls, man, or anyone for that matter at their workplace. Anyone, that works with people, knows how annoying it is for someone to come to your work and try to ask you out, and this is a f*cking dungeon! Making it even more so annoying! Don't ask someone out when they're risking their lives. AHHHHH! Ok, rant over.

[New Insert]Adding on to tropes not to do, this is something that's been bothering me with Fictions that aren't as specific as the passage above. Anyways...1)HATE; false equivalency, where a character from a crossover is written to have some sympathy/empathy with a certain character, but their backgrounds(ussually one more serious than the other) doesn't allow that to be conveyed properly, making it seem as the MC is just humoring him.

2) HATE; Forced Friendships. Hard to put into words, as I don't have a problem with friendships, but their are some REALLLLY forced ones. Read some Rising of the Shield Hero crossovers and you'll understand. Many of theses stories have a character immediately sympathizing, friendshiping, or relating to an MC right away, but it's usually to fast and out of character, and even when it isn't out of character, it still doesn't usually makes sense because given the context of the story, the MC should appear like a villain or at least dubius. It only makes sense to us because we have more context to his story as readers(watchers of the original series).

Seriously writer's have to think how things look from the cast point of view.

Potential fanfics Ideas. (Brainstorming):

Fate stay night/Puella Magi Madoka magica. Fate stay night/Puella Magi Madoka magica [where the madoka cast watch unlimited bladeworks] Fate stay night/Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Fate stay night/Naruto Fate stay night/The devil is a part timer Fate stay night/Another Harry Potter[If the headmaster was someone credible, from a magic background]

Fate Stay night/RWBY: In which Shirou is Reincaranated into the Rwby verse, before the events of the main story (season 1).That way we get a Shirou that explores Remnant, and isn't going blind. Plust it would be interesting to see him interact with white fang or Atlas aristocrats, or maybe even enter a tournament like Pyrah.I've read alot of them, good ones too, but surprisingly enough he is ussually transported not incarnated or reincarnated.

Fate Stay night/Persona 5: The lore doesn't mix that well as the megami tensei universe, has alot of overlapping concepts, but I would Ignore that to see Shirou interacting with those from persona 5. Specifically; a Scenario in which Shirou takes a conflicting stance with those of the Phantom Thieves, at least at the onset, as from an Outsider point of view the Phantom thieves doings would look like a Serial case of brainwashing/hypnotism. Whether or not their doing good, taking away ones ability to do evil, whether or not they do evil, is still heavily dubious. Shirou would probably, when he finds out how and why their doing it, that they are good kids in over their heads, and even though he might do something in their place, Shirou is different in that he would acknowledge what he is doing wrong, and what he is doing is "Justice," but also hypocrisy, a necessary evil. Sidenote: I feel Shirou would have a persona, but his distorted nature would make it unique. My image is that of...well a sword in a gauntlet, attached to his hand, glowing blue (for obvious reasons),but with a shining red center, as a peek of a reality marble in it. Also, Shirou having the glowing yellow eyes of Shadows.

Fate stay night/Shield Hero: 1)In which all four heroes are from the fate verse, but still different worlds. Them being, spear hero; Sigma (Fate/strange fake), hero of the sword; Shiki (I prefer ryougi, but she might be a bit...op, so tohno is good as well), hero of the bow; Shirou Emiya, and finally hero of the shield; Mash Kyrielight (Fate/FGO), or Riesbyfe Stridberg(The only other Fate verse character, besides Galahad, that I though could fit the Shielder Class).

2) In which Emiya(either Shirou or Archer, preferably Shirou since he's younger) is summoned as a 5th hero during the summon, because they use the legendary weapon replica as the catalyst. Therefore; summoning Shirou Emiya Hero of Replicas.

Re:zero/SNAFU: Hachiman takes subaru place as the protagonist. I was never a fan of Subaru's way of doing things, and feel a protagonist that promotes self growth, and helps other better themselves, rather than outright saving them would make the Rezero universe incredibly interesting, combined with the fact that he's intelligent enough to die from putting his foot in the mouth; it would be incredibly interesting.

Miscellaneous Ideas for others to use as they please(I'm not confidant enough to write these):

Shirou doesn't have any memories from before the fire, because their aren't any. Because he is the vessel of angra maiyu that was spilled out from the 4th grail war. The lockets from harry potter aren't the main part for time travel, but the sand is. Their is mythology based around sands of time if I remember correctly.

RWBY Ideas: 1)Ozma's reincarnations has magic, if in a reduced state(guessing), and Ozma and Salem's children had magic implying magic is at least to a degree hereditary therefore; Maiden's can pass on some of their magic to their descendants, if only a little. 2) Silver eyes are a gift from the Light "God," therefore silver eyes are magic. All Silver eyes users, have a little magic potential. 3)Ozpin has incarnated several times, and one of them is the "King," responsible for creating the academies, and in term modern civilization. As such; it is logical to assume Ozpin most likely used magic in his past lives, to keep the grim at bay in the form of barriers or wards (adding towards Ozpins "Shady," deals). 4) Jaune's Semblance has potential to be used like Archer's Reinforcement, but maybe more effective as it is a semblance, and semblances since to be more powerful, when dealing with their certain aspect.

Misceln. notes: (1)Just realized Shirou and Sasuke have the same voice actor. Did you know ARCHER has the same voice actor as: Sirzechs Lucifer(high school dxd), Akira hayama(Foodwars/shoukugeki), Fried Justine (Fairy tail) etc. (2) Gaara's voice actor(naruto) has te same voice actor for ryunosuke uryu(fate/zero), Zeref(fairy tail), Katsuara(gintama), Yunan(Magi), etc.

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