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Hi all. I'm 19 years old. I love to read. I actually hate to write. But every once and awhile a little plot bunny sneaks its way in and makes a home in my brain. I've written a few stories and will get around to updating sooner or later. It just might take awhile depending on how deep the plot bunny is. I was just given a new story idea tonight so we'll see where that take me. I love reviews and any suggestions people can give me. I'll take criticism as I know my writing can be bad at times. That's why I give a huge thanks to my beta emberryredchristine. I'll try and keep a word count for my stories as they go along. Kats323

The Poll is to see what people would like me to do. Personally I think I'm going to redo it but I'm willing to keep it up for now.

Wolf's Pack - Incomplete

Prologue is all the info for this story so far.

AN: Ember has not gotten in contact with me in awhile so I decided to put Chapter 2 and 3 up unbeta'd for now. They will go up beta'd at a later time. Hope everyone enjoys these 2 chapters! :D

Chapter 1 4,272 Complete

Chapter 2 4,346 Complete with ember

Chapter 3 3,027 Complete with ember

Chapter 4 2,351 In progress

I'm trying to aim for 3-6,000 words as of right now Some might be shorter or longer

Harry's New Family - I'm thinking to redoing it.

Chapter 1-7 9,133 Complete with ember

Harry's Fortune - On Hold

I've had no new ideas in awhile. I'll go back sooner or later.

Chapter 1 4,972 Complete With ember

I also have another story that I've written its called Brother's for Life.

Chapter 1 2,300 complete with beta

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CSI: Miami


CSI: Crime Scene Investigators



Royal Pains

Dancing with the Stars

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Harry Potter

Tamora Pierce


Ally Carter New Fav

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