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SuperPotterJackson5 PM
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"Sometimes for Dark to turn Light it needs to pass through the Shadows"

- Self-Made Quote


Hey, It's Ryland Alexander.

Get to know the music addict, fandom obsessed, nerdy emo:

I'm Bi and Genderfluid (he/they/she - just ask)

~ Taken ~

Likes: traveling, hardcore music, piano, guitar, martial arts, swimming, reading, wolves, Italian food, history, English, crimson red, black, navy blue, fantasy, Aladdin, video games, watching Youtubers, sleep, anime.

Dislikes: girly-girl things, people in general (save a few mildly decent humans deemed acceptable), Lgbtqphobics.

I'm more so on Wattpad than I am on here nowadays, so feel free to check out my account!


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