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I am currently obsessed about One Piece. I love many series, but OP just stands above the rest. There are only two series in which I can not hate a single character: One is Hetalia, which doesn't have very many characters, and the other is OP, which has more characters than any other series I've ever read or watched. And I can't hate a single one. Its just that each person seems to have some redeeming factor no matter what, some character point that just makes me unable to hate them. Even my most dislike character, Spandam, is just so funny in the fact that he has an elephant sword that I can't totally hate him. The villains are amazing and badass, the random helpful side characters are amazing, and the main characters, the Strawhat crew, are the most amazing team I have ever heard of.

I'm a huge fan of nakamaship, I prefer that to any pairing because as you go through the series you really just get the feeling of love and loyalty that each member of the crew holds for their nakama.

Luffy is amazing. He is my most loved anime/manga character ever. He monstrously strong, has an unstoppable will, and unflinchingly loyal. He may seem to be a moron, but he can read people when it counts and always finds a way out of a situation. He is almost always happy, an optimist to the extreme, but when he is angry there is no stopping him. I really just can't put into words how much I love this captain.

My favorite pairings for various fandoms:

One Piece- I have a lot xD

Nakamaship- not just the family kind, but also the orgy kind. Because really, I think that the Strawhats could all just get together. With Brooke and Chopper its a strange, but still. I really just like reading it, its probably my favorite pairing in the fandom.

LuffyZoro- Yes, it that order. I love seme!Luffy. I don't mind him being uke, as long as they don't make him some girly weak little thing becase Luffy is strong.

Monster Trio- I love it, those three are great together whether with fighting or otherwise xD

AceLuffy- I've just grown to like this, maybe because of Ace's death that I want to read more about him?

LuffyRobin- See, I like het and yaoi. Its really just on how well everything is written. And the contrast between these two makes it amazing.

CrocLuffy- Its hilarious, but somehow I find it extremely hot.

FrankyRobin- I love these two together, they really seem to have a connection in the series. I believe that if any pairing was to happen amongst the Strawhats (Which Oda says won't, but w/e) this one would be the most likely.

DoflamingoCrocodile- Wanna hook up?

ShanksBen- I have a thing for captains and first mates xD

ShanksBellemare- Okay, I totally saw this one fanart and fell in love with this crack couple.

GarpSengoku- I blame Arlong Park forums for this.

BlackbeardKatarina- Have you seen them? If they aren't siblings, they are meant to be together.

SunnyMerry- Yes, that's right. I literally ship ships. I've always viewed Sunny as a late teens boy with a mane of wild hair and Merry as this mid teen girl with curly white hair. I've actually drawn a picture, maybe I'll post it later.

Naruto and Bleach have become jokes. I'm only reading them to see how they end. And I may give up before that. I just can't care anymore. Luckily I still read fanfics of them because the good fanfics are infinitely times better than the actual manga.

If you do not agree with any of my positions here, you are free to send me a PM, as long as it is not just a flame.

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