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Lets see, where to start...I am a female, my age is a magical number between 1 and 100(if u guess right u get a cookie). I live in Washington, USA, was adopted and was an only child. I love cats and snakes though I don't like dogs that much they have to be really cute, soft, and puppyish for me to like them (I had an evil, sadistic dog growing up may he rest in peace).

I am sorta a free spirit when it comes to life and I am currently a mixture to no religion wise. I believe in multiple values in many religions but hate the sexism, pointless condescending and fighting attitude towards other religions, and the belief that one religion is above all else and is the only right choice. The only religion that i have seen that doesn’t have these qualities is Wicca and that is probably because most of the world thinks that nature worshippers are devil worshippers and are out to curse and kill everyone else, stupid medieval attitude. Ok, well moving on from that rant...

I also hate homophobia, if you don’t like it fine but don’t make derogatory remarks and all that shit. If you don't like it don't force your opinion upon someone else.

My favorite parings


Harry/Voldemort aka Tom R. Jr





I love creature fics and powerful Harry fics. Especially some dark Harry ones. And once again going for the ever popular and ever frowned upon pairings. I do have preferences in pairings, but I focus more on the quality of writing and the plot. apparently cant get over the enemies to lovers trope though when it comes to fanfics.

I raise my voice,

my cry a pledge,

i yell to the skys,

'we'll be together again',

heart bleeds out,

my tears drown,

i'll fly to you,

with wings unbound,

R.I.P. Raven

4/19/1992 - 4/20/2008

R.I.P. Ivan

My Brother and friend


R.I.P. June


R.I.P. Robert

My father and the best man I've ever met


R.I.P. Sirius

My boy


To all who I have loved and lost in this life,

merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again

I'll remember you Always!

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